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Default Resolution Question

I'm going to be out of the country for 11 days and I won't have access to a computer as far as I know. What would be the best resolution on my 5 MP camera to take pictures on without losing too much quality, while making more room on my Memory Stick (1x 4MB, 1x 32MB, 2x 256MB).

Any suggestions?

P.S. I've looked into stuff like X's Drive but I don't know if I want to spend that kind of money.
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I think if you want to print good 6x4 or reasonable 8x10 shots then you should consider taking your pictures at 3MP. On my 128MB card I can usually fit about 80 full quality JPEGs.

So maybe with your memory at 3MP you can store nearly 350 images! I would recommend that you do not reduce the quality setting for your shots as this will compress your JPEGs. It is better to have a clear & smaller shot than a large & poor quality shot!


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My preference would probably be to switch from fine to standard quality and shoot a full sized image. There is software that will improve the JPG artifacts you pick up but nothing that will add the missing information from the shot.

Take some shots in standard and view them 100% onscreen. If the artifacts arenít bad I would use that instead of dropping to a lower resolution.

A better approach IMO is to spend some time each night eliminating redundant and poor shots. With the memory you have you should be able to come home with close to 300 best quality shots. Unless you are centering the trip around photography that might be plenty after culling the undesirables.
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After long supporting the view that only the largest size and the least compression would do, I managed to forget the data cable for my Image Tank while on 2 week holiday in Portugal.

Disaster! - just 3x128Mb cards available. I was forced to switch from fine to standard compression on my 4Mp Oly, which doubled the number of shots I could take to about 240.

I can honestly say that for all practical purposes, I can't see the difference. So I would agree with slipe - stay at full size and switch to standard compression.

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Do some experimenting, and keep in mind what you are likely to do with the photos. I like shooting panos with the intent of putting them on CD for virtual tours. Fairly low resolution so they can be both downsized and have more compression.

Try it both ways and see what you think. I'd bet on fenlander and slipe being right, but do your own tests. And get them printed in the largest size you are ever likely to want (cropped chunks to keep the printing cost down). But look at the prints to decide, not your monitor.
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Default What sofware does this kind of adjustment?

I also have this problem....with memory cards and space.
What software is the best to make this kind of adjustments you mentioned?

My camera is a 5MP and I use to use 3MP resolution to get more photos...

Can you tell me which software is the best and how to do the adjustments on the photo?
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