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somewhere it was suggested to use maximum resolution so that prints will come good. I take photos at the maximum resolution using my Canon A75. Each photo is 1.5 MB plus. I now want to create a VCD using some software. It takes huge space because all photos are 1.5 mb plus.

Is it necessary to have high quality pictures for viewing in TV. ( i will keep original photos separately. but before VCD creation i want to reduce their size so that more photos can come in one CD and the process is faster)

What conversion (height x width) I have to use so that the files are smaller and they do not lose quality when viewed on TV. Any freeware that can do this simple resizing for TV viewing ????

Thanks in advance for your help.
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When creating the VCD, your software should be automatically converting the photos from their source format to VCD format and size:

480 X 576 PAL (480 NTSC). Used by SVCD.
352 X 576 PAL (480 NTSC). Used by DVD and China Video Disc (CVD).
352 X 288 PAL (240 NTSC). Used by VCD and DVD.

You could batch process the images in advance, but issues like overscanning might not be handled properly if you make the picture the official size and not the extra pixels needed for overscanning. You just have to remember that TV is a 4:3 ratio, and any pictures not conforming to that size will have background showing through; usually black but this can be changed by your program.
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