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atlantagreg May 23, 2005 12:43 AM

Just an FYI that I've posted my reviews of the Canon A510 and comparison review of the A520, as well as a VERY cheap Argus camera folks have emailed me about as well. My Canon reviews are short and my conclusions are overall the same as Steves, but I've had a couple of emails from folks asking what I think about them since I can be so blunt at times (blush) :G, so they're now online. I'm thinking Steve will agree with me though that the A510 will be the hottest seller this upcoming holiday season... what do you think, Steve?

The Argus camera is a real cheapy, but it's amazing to be able to buy *anything* for twenty bucks that can take a photo these days, and it might make a good gift for young kids to get their feet wet.

Link is to the main page, just scroll down to find the appropriate review links.

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