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Default Ritz single use digital camera is single use no more

My son is taking a digital photography class in middle school and the teacher recommended that they buy a single use digital camera at Ritz (he called it "disposable"). I didn't know such a thing existed so I used Google and looked it up.

It seems that there are tech types out there with time on their hands (before I had kids, I was one of those too) who hacked the camera. Pinouts are listed. Directions to make a cable. Software to download the pictures. Etc.

I couldn't find a Centronics connector to modify so I was a bit frustrated. Then I found a web site from a fellow who added a USB port to one of these cameras. Hey! That's an idea.

He had scavenged a port from a dead printer but I went out and bought a gender changer and dismantled it. A little bit of wire and some solder and I have a USB port on the camera.

The software works well and my son is happy.

Not a bad deal for a total investment of $16 ($11 for the camera and $5 for the gender changer) and a couple hours spent working on it with my son.
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