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michmark Jan 20, 2003 10:34 AM

On the road image storing
I just purchased a digital camera and am looking forward to taking trip to London. The Fuji Finepix 3800 only came with 16 MB chip so it is definitely not going to last for 7 days of photography. My question is what is the best solution to temporarily greatly expanding my photo storage capacity?

1. Buy enough high capacity chips to last the whole trip?
2. Drag along a laptop to transfer images at the end of the day?
3. Find a photo shop that might transfer and burn the photos to a CDR?
4. Buy some sort of portable mini-hard drive to download the images?

What have the digital travellers out there used to solve this problem?



gibsonpd3620 Jan 20, 2003 10:59 AM


I have the VP2030 X drive. You can install your media card in the storage drive and transfer all your photos. You can install any size hard drive in the VP2030 you want. When back home you transfer the files back to your pc. Check Steve's review of the VP2030. Computer Geeks sells the case for $80.

Jim Ghiringhelli Jan 21, 2003 10:09 PM

There is also Image Tank, Digibin and Nixvue.

the digibin and image is usally sold on ebay by inside computer.

Digibin lets you see what files you are unloading (conformation)
and Nixvue lets you see them or display them on a TV.

Good luck

Jim :)

NHL Jan 22, 2003 7:58 AM


Buy some sort of portable mini-hard drive to download the images...
You might want to get one with a firewire or @ least with a USB2.0, downloading the small flash cards are not the problem, but uploading multi-gigs files to the computer is (unless you want to wait). The battery choice is also critical here for these devices, since just like a camera, you want them to last or readily available...

Also be careful in picking your own 2.5" drive. Some of them are specs much less than a microdrive which will survive a drop, but not any laptop hardisk since they are not as rugged!

steve Jan 22, 2003 11:15 AM

You'll find a list of portable storage devices that we have reviewed here:

The problem with the Fuji 3800 is that it uses the new xD-Picture cards and none of these devices have an xD slot on them so you will need to get the xD-CF adapter from Fuji. You may just want to pick up a 128MB xD-Picture card instead. You can always use the bigger card later ... can you say the same for a portable storage gizmo?

Personally, I opt for dragging along my laptop with a 40GB hard drive and the ability to really "see" the pictures that I have taken.


Dano Jan 22, 2003 11:58 AM

I have a similar problem with storage while travelling. However, I will be at high altitudes for parts of the trip and a hard drive will crash in low atmosphere.

Are there any portable storage devices that use a more secure medium than a hard drive? Or am I stuck with extra cards?


NHL Jan 22, 2003 4:05 PM

Probably not... It's all boiled down to cost/Mb which is why PC and laptop still use hardisk for mass storage, not the least of which is speed also!

Storage is a common problem. 128Mb flash cards are adequate for a 3.3Mpixels camera, and also 256Mb used to be plenty on my CP990, but for 5M cameras and above they are pretty puny (ie barely more than a roll of 36). 512Mb cards are still not in the sweet spot yet even for CF, and this explains the need to have portable storage mainly to minimize cost.

On larger cards one can rely on the laptop back at the hotel, but with smaller cards the need to download are always constant, so you need to carry the device with you as well. Also make sure to get a unit that verify the files after copying (some don't). Sometime you do not have the time to review the pictures after you downloaded, and you need to save up on the batteries for future downloads (and not to waste the power in reviewing). No one want to have truncated pictures, or worse missing ones, when coming back home...

michmark Jan 23, 2003 7:59 AM

Manufacturer's response
I emailed the XS-Drive company and [email protected] company and got the following replies about xD chip compatability:

"The xD card can be used through a CompactFlash adapter.


"Yes the MindStor will accept the "Olympus XD-Picture card" we do not have these adapter available from our site, but they can be purchased from Circuit City or other high end camera shops. If you have any further questions please give me a call or drop me an e-mail.

Take care,



NHL Jan 23, 2003 10:24 AM

The MindStor supports both USB and Firewire and will also verify the data after it downloaded. Everything is done through a PCMCIA PC-card adapter!

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