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normc Mar 4, 2005 4:08 PM

I have heard that Yashica, Contax and Kyocera cameras will no longer be manufactured? Yashica production stopped awhile ago but I figured the other names would be arround for some time?

IanWgglswrth Mar 4, 2005 4:19 PM

Hi, Normc,

We are having this discussion right now on the Kyocera/Yashica forum!

But yep it's true Kyocera will stop making all cameras by the end of 2005.

Very sad, have been told it's nothing to do with money but "Market -led" forces.

Whatever that means.

Just hope someone buys them out and carries on, most of us on the forum have the M410R ultra-zoom and we all think it's a fantastic camera, which is very under rated.

If you take a look at the forum you will see alot more info.


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