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Please disregard this post. I got confused between the DCS 645 and the 465 (which is only worth about $100...

No dishonesty intended...


Help! I'm trying to get an idea of how to go about doing this... Someone I knowis trying to sell some camera gear (rz67 stuff), and It's all increadible cheap!!! I'm thinking that this guy just does NOT know what he has... (and I'm not going to tell him either). Here is the list of gear that he purchased new in '97...

Kodak digital science DCS 465 (digital back):?

Adapter for mamiya RZ67 (to affix the above to the rz67

520mb memory for above

bogen tripod head with bogen legs /also has bogen monopod

shutter release for rz67 1M & 4M

Mamiya rz Pro2 body

Mamiya 100-200 zoom w/bracket

mamiya 50mm lens

mamiya rz pro2 AE Prism finder

mamiya 120 film back...

So, your all going to simply freak when I tell you how much he's asking for this....He's only asking $2,000! Now, just to give you an idea, let me say that item 1, the digital back, back in '97 went for about $17,000.

My problem is this, I would very much like just the camera and the lenses, but, I can't find any information on that digital back... I did find one page on this site that reviews the back and says that in 2002, it could be had for about $12,000. Hmmmmm.... My thoughts are, find someone to buy the digital stuff for $2,000, and I'll keep the camera and lenses...

Does anyone have any sugestions, or sites that I might go to, to try and sell this digital stuff? I simply don't have the $2K to shell out for the gear or I'd buy it all! I'm about to call around some local camera shops in town to see if their interested, but thought I'd try the net as well....

-M (central texas)

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