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Default S5000 vs. FZ1 - HELP!

Okay, I am in what you might call a camera quandry, lol. I am trying to decide which camera to get for wildlife and scenery photography, specifically deer at night under a spotlight. The Fuji S5000, or the Panasonic FZ1... I'm thinking the FZ, simply because it has the image stabilization. If the Fuji had that feature, I would definitely want it instead though. The S5000 has a 30 fps 320x240 movie feature, that beats the FZ's 10 fps at the same resolution. The FZ however has the Leica lenses (13 in 8 groups, aspherical), and the 12x optical zoom, as compared to the S5000's 10x Fujinon. The S5000 on the other hand has the Super High Resolution CCD (3.1 megapixels) with the octagonal pixels instead of the square 2.11 megapixel CCD on the FZ. All things considered, I think that the S5000 is more feature-laden, with more manual controlling... but that 12x image stabilized Leica lens would probably be best for what I want.

So give me some advice if you have the time, I'd really appreciate your thoughts everyone...

Thanks - Matt
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A few weeks ago I did a bit of research as to what 10x digital cameras were offering and not offering. 3MP or higher was my goal as I print 8x10s and up to the odd 13x19. I looked at the Oly C-750, Minolta Z1, Fuji S5000 and the Kodak DX6490. I ended up going with the latter far a few reasons. Below are the things that swayed me to the DX6490, they may not meet your requirements.

Reasons for picking the DX6490 (in no order):

- picture quality is better than expected.
- large 2.2" LCD (153,000 pixels and 4x zoom) for viewing after the shot has been taken.
- wider shutter range than the other 3 cameras (1/1700 to 16 sec)
- good price.
- ease of use (Menu and button locations are great, especially after using a Nikon 5700
- low 80 ISO in PASM or Auto mode.
- battery life is amazing, 310+ shots and the low battery indicator still did not come on.
- Orientation sensor! When shooting portrait style photos the camera 'knows' the camera position, therefore I never have to flip the picture when I view in on the computer...nice time saver!

Reasons for not picking the...

Oly C-750 (was my 2nd choice):
- the C-750 is about $100.00 Canadian more than the DX6490.
- 256MB xD cards are currently $60.00 Canadian more than the 256MB SD card.

Fuji S5000 (was my 3rd choice):
- in PASM mode 200 is the lowest ISO (160 ISO in Auto mode is available).
- Shutter speed was only as long as 2 secs.
- seeing too much consistant noise examples in gallery sites on the net.

Minolta Z1 (4th choice):
- to be fair it wasn't available at the time I was looking in shops for a 10x. I read comments and a couple of reviews and the most consistant issue I heard was that the lens felt 'loose' <shrug?>
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One thing about the FZ1, it doesn't have manual controls...if that's what you want wait for the FZ10.
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