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My Mom has accidently spilt salad dressing in her bag which had her Sony Cybershot DSC-S730 camera in.

Once she had noticed, she took it out and removed the batteries. About two weeks later she gave it to me to try and clean out.

It has not been powered since the accident however I have just taken the back off and as delicately as possible cleaned what residue I could see. There is no sign of corrosion and the battery terminals look fine, however I've not took the camera apart inside yet.I've put new battereis in and tried to power it up butit appears to be dead.

I've had quotes to just look at the camera for £50 I think this is expensive as I think it's only worth around £80 - £90 brand new.

Is it more than likely that she needs to just buy a new camera oris it worth a bit of DIY brain surgery?On the camera, not my mom.

She's really upset as it was a gift and it's only a couple of months old.

Any advice or comical answers would be apreciated.

I think it was a vinegarette dressing by the smell! :-)


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I really prefer a creamy Russian dressing on my cameras. Vinagrettes tend to too much acidity, and play havoc with electrical connections. 20 years ago or so, I would have suggested dropping it in an ultrasonic cleaner with a freon-type solvent. These days, I may be shot for even bringing it up.

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The potential for comical threads pouring out of this topic is so overwhelming, that picking a particular direction is intimidating.

The camera is wasted. But I would hold onto it just so I could tell people the story of how my mother destroyed it. I'm also certain that the story will get better and better with each telling. I would also try to preserve any residualstickiness so that as new people pick it up, they will be prompted to inquire about how it came to its current condition. And, of course, the more of these exchanges that occur in my mother's presence, the better.
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Thanks Guys,

I've just found it brand new on Amazon Uk for £54 delivered.

I'll suggest she buys a water proof bag or disposable cameras
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Just to be different, I'll say go ahead and try to strip it and clean it. It's toast anyway, so why not invest an hour in stripping, cleaning it with acetone (nail polish remover) and Q-tips, and putting it back together. It can't be any worse than it is now.

Have a pint while you are working on it, and the time won't be wasted in any event.

And if it doesn't work afterward, I would suggest serving it with some nice grilled vegetables and jerked pork loin. With another pint, of course.
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