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Default The same old question!

Hi Guys,
Updated :arrow:
Yet another guy with the same old question! :evil:
Which one should I buy :?:
So I present my side and leave the descision to all those experts out there :!:
Purpose: Record the beauties of Europe that I am enjoying and share it with my pals back @ home (Sweet home @ India).Mail the pics and store them in digital. Prints 5*7 max. I expect descent quality. Good Zoom.
Expertise:Ameteur, not bad
Budget:350 to 400
Features:I want USB to transfer images to laptop (guess most models come with this). Would be delighted if the cam could also be used as web cam.

Guys, I am looking for the best buy in my budget, to put it in one sentence.8)

Thank You.

edited later-----
I guess the experts are tired of advising the newbies and so.. no replies even after 2hrs, 20 hits... Let me narrow down my question (in the hope of some guidence)
I am considering the following models:
Canon PowerShot A70
Canon PowerShot A60
Olympus Camedia c-350Zoom
Nikon CoolPix 3100
Nikon CoolPix 2100 (saves 100 has only 2mp!)
Toshiba PDR 3310
Sony DSC P72

Please tell me which one is feature rich and best buy for me, with reference to my first posting. It would be great if ppl who have this cams can give urls (hope I am not demanding too much :!: :!: )

Thanx a million in advance
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Default Re: The same old question!

Originally Posted by bhaskarannadata
Please tell me which one is feature rich and best buy for me
Visit your local camera shop, armed with reviews & opinions from here, hold the cameras in your own hands, and see which one you like best
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I personally like the canon a60 and a70 because they use compact flash memory, take aa's, have an af-assist lamp for indoor shots and is either point and shoot or a full manual camera depending on how you want to use it. I'd go with a60 if you don't plan to crop or edit your pics, if you do then you'll probably want the extra mp of the a70.
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Hi bhask....

I do not know those cameras, but I have just been through the same situation of trying to decide which camera to buy.

One of the things that I knew I wanted was a camera that took AA batteries. This because my current camera uses them and I only change batteries once a week and already have a recharger....(which I can use for many other things too) I have read that it turns out alot cheaper in the long run.

I know that specifications on paper are only worth so much and the be all, end all of camera quality, but I still found myself eliminating some camera choices by comparing them side by side at dpreview : http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sidebyside.asp

I don't know if that is any help.
In the end I had to chose the one that made me all exited, despite the fact that it was perhaps a little more expensive than the others and had some specifications that I was not so happy with.
Good luck with chosing your camera.

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Hey, I am VERY please with my A70. Like the above post said, it has a lot of manual features, and AA battteries.

Check out some resized images at http://www.onlinephotographers.com/p...at=500&thumb=1

Please remember that only the first 7 are from my A70, the rest are from a Minolta SRT 101, 30 years old!
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