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IanWgglswrth Dec 24, 2006 7:03 PM

Hi all and merry Christmas!

Looking at upgrading to a simple entry level DSLR, for general everyday stuff, so just an entry level newbie Dslr will be perfect.

I have founda Samsung GX-1S twin lens kit for very cheap money, just wanted to know what the difference is between the 1S and the 1L.

All I've managed to find is the 1S has a Pentaprism the 1L has a Pentamirror.

Does anybody know if there is anything else thats different?


mtngal Dec 24, 2006 10:39 PM

There's a difference in the number of autofocus points (1S has more), if that's important to you. I used to remember the other differences between the 1S and the 1L, but don't any more. They both have the same sensor and I thought the pictures were the same quality from what I saw. I know I had the Pentax DS and loved it- the 1S is a re-badged Pentax DS2 (has a bigger LCD on the back than the DS I had), while the 1L is a re-badged Pentax DL. Both cameras take excellent pictures.

IanWgglswrth Dec 25, 2006 12:59 PM

Managed to get onto the Samsung web site and have now compared both specs.

The ONLY differences that are on the spec sheets are:-


1. Pentaprism 95% field of view; 0.95x magnification (50mm F1.4 Lens)

2. NO scene modes.

3. 505g weight.

4. 11 points wide AF focusing


1. Pentamirror 96% field of view; 0.85x magnification (lens as above)

2. 8 scene modes for kids, text, night scene, candle light etc, etc.

3. 470g weight.

4.5 points wide AF focusing

Not really much of a difference is there?

For the price I can get the 1S for, losing the scene modes is nothing.


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