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Wingman Apr 10, 2006 12:47 PM

:?I am presently using the packaged photo softwarre that came with my Dell PC (I think it called Dell Photo Suite??) where I typically record information about the picture (location, names of people, date, etc)--similar to writing on the back of a printed photograph. However, I find that the information cannot be recalled and viewed on Microsoft Picture it, or ACDC, etc.

Is there a means whereby this kind of personalized information can be stored with the image and recalled regardless of the software being used to view it? With the amount of digital images I have, I'm afraid that if I stop using my current software, I will find it difficult to recall people/places/dates of photos taken over the years. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hawgwild Apr 10, 2006 11:08 PM


I don't know if this helps, but if you are using Microsoft Windows and your images are jpegs, you can simply rename them with all the info you wish to include. This in effect becomes the pic's new file name as well as documents the photograph "forever". Was this your intention? Hope I helped.


E.T Apr 11, 2006 3:23 AM

IPTC has been metadata standard for long time, it's similar to EXIF that it allows saving information directly into image file, then those would be carried along just like that text on backside of photo.
Sure photograph cataloging softwares have own database formats for storing those but those work only in one software so they aren't really future proof.

Also Adobe had been trying to get their XMP-metadata format through but I think it might still take some years before that would be supported more widely.

There's own fields for about everything starting from photoraphers name, files's editing state, location with fields for country/state/city, then own field for category (for example type of photoraphy landscape, people) then for keywords where you can assign multiple keywords for image.
And of course there's fields for short name and for longer description.

Better photograph cataloging software can use most of those metadatas, for example the can arrange photos according to categories in IPTC, also they can import keywords, descriptions and those to their database.

Here's one free software you can use to save IPTC tags to image.
(select image in thumbnail view, open right click menu and go to EXIF/IPTC and Edit)

Exifer itself shouldn't do anything to EXIF fields (even if it doesn't recognize their content) while saving so I think it could be best to save informations to photos as first step (well, maybe after discarding total failures) and archiving photos after that (for example for HD and to CD-R as backup) and then saving "photoshopped" versions separately those.
Keeping original file archived/untouched after that would be important because image editing softwares have weird obsession for stripping these metadatas while saving, while few programs save "EXIF" they actually strip makernotes-part away which can contain lot more detailed information about camera's settings.

Wingman Apr 16, 2006 10:36 AM


Sorry about the delay in responding...was out of town. Your idea is a practical one...however, I was hoping not to crowd the file name with a lot of information. I was hoping there was some way that the "meta data" could be saved and universally read by any photo editing or viewing software.

Thanks again for your input! J

Wingman Apr 16, 2006 10:40 AM


Thanks...let me check it out and let you know. This may be closer to my ideal.

I am not loyal to a specific viewer and depending on features of new software, I am inclined to switch. Therefore, saving of the metadata is essential.

Thanks again. J

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