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Default Saving images to a CDRW

I have used a program called "InCD" to save JEPG files to a CDRW. My intent was to take this CDRW to a One-Hour photo outlet to have prints made, but none of these locations was able to read the CDRW. I tried several PC's (Windows) and all were able to open the file without a problem. Anyone have any help to offer?
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InCD is Nero's version of UDF - Universal Disk Format. Roxio provides similar functionality called "CD-Direct" or "Drag to disk".

This format allows a CD-R or CD-RW to be formatted and used as part of the PC's filing system. Although very convenient (and despite the word 'Universal'), it is not a standard CD format. Many users consider it to be insecure as CDs used in this way are very "fragile", i.e. subject to corruption causing them to become unreadable. Also, you can never be certain that UDF-format disks will be readable in any machine that is not equipped with UDF software, like Nero or Roxio. This is not a format to use for critical data or long-term storage.

If you decide to risk using UDF, you should do so understanding the risks and on the basis that the disks are for use only on your own machine. Don't expect them to be readable at your local photo processor or on your friend's MP3 Walkman - they almost certainly won't be.

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Just a thought. I use my camera's memory card to get pictures to the photo lab. Much faster and easier to do and also easier to carry around. Just pop que card in the card reader, select the pictures to print in the PC and then copy them to the card. After printing them I just delete the images from the card and that's it.
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fenlander is right. InCD is a utility that lets you use your CD-RW as if it was a floppy disk. However, you have to be running InCD on any machine which needs to read it. The default file format for a standard CD requires you to 'burn' an image. This will let you take it to any PC with CD and read it.

You probably have 'Nero - Burning Rom' or similar installed with your software package. You can use this to 'burn' the files & file system which the store should be able to read.
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