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Default Saving pictures by special occasion or grouping

Could you pls advise as to how I can save a bunch of pictures by a special event i.e. San Diego vacation July 2009 or customize it versus today each time I use the Canon Camerawindow DC it saves all pictures by the day they were shot. SO if I go on vacation it might save them in 7 different files which is a major hassle for me.
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I had an old Eos camera where that didnít happen but since I bought the ESP Powershot SX200 it wonít all it anymore.
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You can find software products designed to download and organize images for you. Here's one example (and you can download a trial version to see if it works OK with your camera and does what you want it to):


I don't keep up with those types of products, but you can probably find freeware type products designed to work in a similar fashion.

I think the free Google Picasa may also have some features for downloading images. But, I don't keep up with all of it's features. You can also use it to tag your images (for example, associating an event name to them for easier searches for photos related to a specific tag later).

Personally, I just use a card reader for copying my images to a PC (which lets a card show up just like any other disk drive), selecting the images and copying and pasting them to a new folder I create on my PC for them. Some camera models will also show up that way under "My Computer" if you're using Windows. I don't know if your SX200 fits into that category or not (and some models let you control the USB Transfer Settings, so you can set it to USB Mass Storage for better compatibility using one that way). If not, card readers are very inexpensive.
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BTW, I prefer using dates for my folder names, using yyyymmdd (for year, month and day). For example, like this for photos taken on December 25, 2009 and January 01, 2010 respectively.


That way, you can sort by the folder name and still end up with sort by date, making it easier to locate something if you can remember about when you took the photos, even if you lose the folder attributes for create date, modify date, etc. (and that makes it easier moving folders between drives or operating systems, without regard to how a given system handles sorting by date, since sorting by the folder name gives you a sort by date).
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I use the Breezesys products. I have it set to create a folder based on DOWNLOAD date. That way if I download a week's vacation it all goes into one folder. I then create my sub-folders from there.
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I have been using the Microsoft image library (I know MS, UGHHH, but hey, it was free) and it defaults to download date for the file name.
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I prefer to use a date and then title for each folder I save photos in. That way I can find things without having to know the exact date. Also useful if I shoot more than one thing a day.

I just use a card reader putting all images into one folder and then breaking them down into more than one folder as needed.

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A lot of catalogging software allows you to tag images for use in albums, which do not have to be related to the folders where the pics are stored. I haven't used this function, due to the way I keep my photos organized, but it could be what you are looking for. My Ulead Photo Explorer has this feature, and I think Photoshop Elements does also.

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