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Default Scanner or Digicam for first time user?

I am debating whether to purchase a good quality scanner or a 3.2 mp digital camera for my work. It will be used for uploading images into my web. It appears the initial cost is much higher for a digicam with all other accessories, need extra storage space for a CF card,card reader,rechargable batteries..... so I want to know if a good quality scanner will provide fine image resolution for my website. I do have a good quality SLR (Olympus OM-2n). Anyone there can help? Thank you very much. (Photos will be mostly of flowers, both closeup and general).
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If you're taking pictures for a Web site, you don't need a lot of resolution. More megapixels mean larger files and thus longer download and upload times. Consider an older low resolution camera for your needs. This will let you spend some times getting used to digital photography while skipping the mess of prints and scanning while introducing digital photography at a reasonalble cost. Once you get the hang of it, give the low res camera away, or use it just for Web photography and buy a better one for photos yoy want to print.
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First of all, you certainly don't need a scanner's resolution for website photos. Your visitors will leave very fast if they have to wait for high-resolution photos to open, besides high-res photos will require scrolling of the screen, etc. --and besides, most monitors are still limited to resolutions of 72dpi. So no, high-resolution of a scanner is not necessary. What I would ask myself is this: a) do I have a lot of photos on film/negative/slides already taken that I will want to be uploading, or b) are most of the photos on my website going to be those I will be taking from now on?

If a), then a scanner might be better; if b), I'd personally get a digicam. I bought a digicam when beginning my own website both because b) was true in my case, but also because I was "kinda" wanting to get into digital photography, I didn't have room for a darkroom anymore in my house, and I liked the idea of being able to take photos quickly, develop them "instantly," modify them (dodge and burn, color enhancement, B&W, etc.) all without having to leave the house or endure chemicals, and have them ready for the web without substantial extra expense.

Digital photos also let you save on storage. You don't have to save sheets and sheets of negatives, only those photos you really want, since you can erase all the out-of-focus ones while they're still in camera or computer. And you can save hundreds or thousands of photos on a single CD-ROM or DVD, without the need for printing them out.

There are trade-offs; in general, you have to use a computer to view the prints; you will probably have to learn some new digital darkroom software (PSP, PS, etc.) if you want to achieve best results, and digital cameras still don't have the lattitude that film has. But the technology is rapidly catching up.

Anyway, for me it would be a no-brainer; I'd go with a digicam--and maybe pick up a cheap scanner (they practically give them away these days) just to allow me to more easily handle old photos or documents, things from magazines, etc.
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The scanner will provide you with your need to place digital pictures on your web site. As already stated, you will not want to use high resolution because the files will be to large for people to download.

However, I concur with wildman. Pick up a low resolution camera, 2mp, and you will love the flexibility of producing web shots.
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Default Re:digicam or scanner for first time user.

Thank you very much all for your replies. Very educational!
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Even cheaper, get your pictures scanned onto a CD when they are processed. That is fairly cheap (~$5/roll?), albeit fairly low resolution. Still good enough for web work. It does take a bit of time to figure out how to use a photo editor. After you have worked with the scans of a couple of rolls of film, you will have a better idea of what you want to do.
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