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Default SCHEMATIC to take flash unit out of SONY DSC-D770.

Hello...I know this MAY not be the right forum....but I wanted to see if I get ANY responses here at all...KCan...(or reader) are you reading this?

Ok..I have a SONY DSC-D770 camera. I posted under the D770 area not any action there...guess nobody much OWNS one of these cameras now anymore.?

I posted under " flash (external) "..I have a non-intermittently working flash. I can see " wires " down inside the cavity. If I push these wires back & forth with a long ( small ) ended plastic screwdriver ( flat blade tip( used on tv repairs)) I can get the flash to work...BUT...IT never seems to stay for long.

My point ; I believe now at this point that there's a " possible " break internally in one ( or more) of these wires.(I want to remove the flash unit's " top " to access this and address these wires..I wonder where ANYONE may have an idea to finding a schematics tips ; " do-it-yourself " pictorial on showing what I have to do to remove this area...

I would not expect the " normal " camera user to consider this type of self-fixing ; but I am not the " normal " user...Please let me know...if any thoughts.. The SONY site isn't helpful.....

Ed~ Thanks for the reading the posting...
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Hi Ed,
Glad to know that you are not a “normal user”, I am not either. But the info you are searching for is very rare, but possibly exist . Once , I saw someone posting pics about a Nikon Coolpix dismantled to repair the flash , another time, instruction to remove the UV filter inside, next to the CCD, but never saw anything about Sony digicam.
Good Luck .
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KCan, you're are loosing it hey?... Must be thoses electrons again :lol:

Remember this fellow engineer, and his D7 web site? Well it happened that he's also into the DSC-D770 camera. 8)
Follow his instructions to get the camera open.
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Old Jun 14, 2003, 12:06 PM   #4
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Hey NHL, did you see anything about opening those D7x ? It would be a good reference to keep too, in case .
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