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Mr Shift Apr 5, 2009 12:57 PM

To be perfectly honest I did not know which forum to post this in,

I photographed a tribute Act

To thank the band for allowing me to do this, I sent them via email 4 high quality jpegs converted from my original RAW files, that I copyrighted in photoshop using the file info option.

The band would like me to send them a cd with more images on to them.

I am prepared to sendthem 20 of my best images from the night on cd, as long as they agree to donate £20 - £30 to my chosencharity.

I know that you can send thumbnail imagesto people, so they can see how good the images are but could use them in a commercial broucher, mabye they could "get away" with using them on a website, or is that a chance I have to take.

Obviously they will want to see what they would get on the cd, therefore I could send the images by email as thmbnails and send the high quality versions on cd via post. I was going to send them Tiffs or shoukld I send Jpegs.

If I send them what size/dpi woukld you recommend the thumbnails should be?
Also how can I always protect copyright at all times?

VTphotog Apr 6, 2009 8:27 PM

Under what conditions did the band allow you to photograph their act? Do you have a written agreement?

I am not expert on copyrights, but I would say that, unless you anticipate substantial commercial interest in the photos, you might be best served by keeping the arrangements informal.


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