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Default Selling pictures - where to start?

My partner and I are thinking of trying to sell some photos rather than just sharing them with our friends and family. Eventually we would like to be able to live on the proceeds of this... even if the living is a bit hard.

We're a little stuck, though, because we don’t really have any idea who or how to submit pics for sale or publication.

The camera we're using at the moment (and we can't afford another one yet) is a Kodak DX 6340. This takes nice pictures, but not up to the standards of www.alamy.com, who buy photos to resell.

What we'd love to find is a company or group who are happy to purchase photos taken on something less than a Pro dSLR

The other thing we'd really appreciate is advice from any of you who have successfully sold pics taken on a nice but limited camera like ours - who did you sell to, where did you find them, how difficult was it?

Any other advice you think would be helpful would be very much appreciated, too. We're quite excited about this idea, but still pretty lost as to where to start


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Treen, making a living out of selling photographs will take time. Either your images have to be truly exceptional, or you have to be a very well known person, and sell on your name.
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Hi Janet, thanks so much for answering

Yes, we know it's going to take a long time and a great deal of effort to earn enough to make a living selling pictures... but we really need a starting point; an entry into the market.

Personally, I feel my partner's shots are exceptional, but that's beside the point

Thanks again, so much, for taking the trouble to answer.

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Here's some posts on the same topic:

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