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Old Jun 30, 2004, 4:11 PM   #1
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I have been trying to send some jpgs via email and they are too large. If they are 2248x1680 what can I do to send less quality or smaller. Your help is greatly appreciated
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You need find the software that came with your camera and resize the images. I prefer to setup a photosharing account (IE www.pbase.com) and post my photos there. I then email family and friends so that they can view the new photos.
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Use any digital darkroom software such as photoshop, corel photopaint, etc.... to re-sample them to a smaller size.Generally found under the "image" pull down menu once you have uploaded an image into the software to manipulate.Depending on the program used,this may be called resize, re-sample, etc...

Also, you can change the measurements of your photo to various measurements, I find pixels to be a good choice when resizing your photos. You can type in 800x600 etc, and your photos will be re-sampled (resized) to that size, saving you data space.

Also, you can use the same software to save them as jpegs. You have the choice of saving pictures using varying Jpeg quality settings (this option should pop up for you whenever you save a file as a jpeg. Meaning you can save them with less quality if space is at a premium, thereby making even smaller files.
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Old Jun 30, 2004, 5:14 PM   #4
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If you are using Windows XP (Home or Pro) Microsoft has created a really neat and easy image resizing plug-in that is free.

Just go to http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...ertoySetup.exe

When you install this, all you have to do is right-click on your picture and choose Resize. It gives you a few standard options. I use it all of the time for emailing. You can also resize groups of pictures. Select all of the pictures you wish, right-click and choose Resize.:|
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Old Jun 30, 2004, 6:07 PM   #5
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Irfan View is a free digital darkroom tool that will do
the resize for you. ThumbsUp+ is a reasonable cheap one
that will do it also.

The one item I didn't see mentioned above is what size...

You need to make them 800x600 or smaller for dial up email
The quality level on the jpg output should be 75% or better
or you'll loose a lot. For snap shots that they are going
to look at but not print 400x300 is a nice size.

Hope that helps,
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Old Jun 30, 2004, 11:39 PM   #6
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Irfanview is free and is excellent for resizing with a Lanczos filter that keeps the quality better. It is free at
www.irfanview.com Also install the free plug-ins from the same source.

You can batch resize with Irfanview. Start with File>Thumbnails and it will make thumbnails of the whole folder. In the thumbnail view select the images you want to resize by holding the Ctrl key while you select them. Or just go Options>Select all. Right click on any highlighted thumbnail and "Start batch dialog with selected thumbs". You can resize the whole folder and store it in a different place so you don't destroy your originals. I have some pretty sophisticated graphics software but prefer Irfanview for that sort of thing.

Irfanview thumbnails is also good for batch rotating. I especially like it for sorting and eliminating pictures because you can size the thumbnails larger so you can make decisions which you can't make with small thumbnails.
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Old Jul 3, 2004, 1:49 AM   #7
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When sending JPGs via EMail, you also don't need the meta data for most purpose. These meta data quite often also include a thumbnail image which all together consume about 10-20KB.

Sometimes you send a cropped image but the thumbnail still reveals the original image. Another good reason to strip them off.
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Old Jul 3, 2004, 8:55 AM   #8
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All good sugestions above. The steps I suggest in reducing the size (in bytes) for email or web use are:
1) Crop the image to get rid of any part of the background that is not needed.
2) Downsize the image to something like 600x400 pixels. I tend to downsize to a height of 400 pixels and let the width go where ever it wants to preserve the aspect ratio.
3) Compress the begeebers out of it. Compress it until you see artifacts show up more than you want - use that level of compression. No one else is likely to be as fussy about the quality of your photos as you are.

Take a look at your photo editor: if it has a web page creation that is likely to deal with steps 2 & 3 in one fell swoop in a batch operation.
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Old Jul 3, 2004, 12:56 PM   #9
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Windows XP users should forget all the fuss with image editors and use the resize tool mentioned earlier in this thread. It is the best thing since sliced bread. Unless you want to crop the picture, the resize tool is the way to go.
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Old Jul 5, 2004, 1:54 AM   #10
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Sliced bread is not the ultimate goal. A decent resizing is a non trivial task. Choose carefully and think about the possibility of stripping meta data.
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