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It depends a little on expectations.

By default you should assume this is (for at least the bride's mother, if not the bride) a very important occasion. They really want the quality associated with a 3-photographer $20,000 bridal shoot, but they can't afford it. So you're up against it. Unless you are absolutely sure this is not the case then back off or spend your time getting prepared.

I have only shot 1 wedding as the main photographer. Expectations were low. The bride was not all misty-eyed at the occasion and I came away with some decent shots. So did her brother, who is an award-winning photojournalist. She was reasonably happy; I didn't charge and all the prints were our wedding present to her.

But since then I have never shot as the main photographer, acting as a good backup for some pickup shots works really well however.
1. You don't need to do the boring formal shots.
2. You don't have to work all day.
3. You can work while the main photographer takes a 30-minute break.
4. You can concentrate on getting the kind of shots YOU like instead of worrying too much about ticking all the standard wedding boxes. It allows scope for some creativity.
5. You don't need to worry about having loads of extra equipment backups.
6. You can forget about flash if you want to.
7. You don't have to do the post-processing to a schedule and live up to your price tag.

Proceed with caution!
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Originally Posted by Photo 5 View Post
Mark those pictures are really really really good.
Thanks, I like to include some examples when someone doesn't know my background so they can see where I'm coming from, obviously only better photos were included LOL.
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