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Forgive me if this topic has already been beaten to death. I shoot photos for my daughter's softball team, and people have suggested that I set up a website to share the hundreds of photos I have taken. Is there a website or tutorial that tells the best way to do this? I work with computers, but I don't know much about setting up and maintaining a website.

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My recommendation would be to have the site hosted by one of the many photo sharing sites on the web.

My personal favorite is

But that is because I like their attitude and user-centric user agreement. I have never used them, as I get free web hosting from a friend. But if I ever lost that I would switch to pbase in a heartbeat.

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I agree with Eric about pbase, I've uesd photobucket in the past but they are becoming more than a bit annoying.

Another option is http://www.smugmug.com/ this place will let people view your images and also buy them if they want to. They will send them the prints, handle the billing and and credit your account wtih their payments.

If you really want to roll your own jalbum http://jalbum.net/ is a very good photo site generator and it is free. But you have to arange for your own hosting.

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I use jalbum myself and I like it. It is a bit slow when starting up, but it runs fast and does a great job producing the thumbnail and a variety of styles of galleries.

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I use http://www.fotki.com Check them out.

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hi tmilner,

My suggestion is to buy your own host and set up a gallery on there. You do need to have some knowledge of website development for setting up such a thing. Galleries out there that do a great job using php scripts are Minaldo's Gallery2, or Coppermine's Gallery. They got every feature you can imagine and all of it on your own website. Without any restrictions to file size or media type.

I can help set you up with one of these if you are interested. Just private message me.

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Take a look at what your ISP offers: many/most provide a small (5-15M) amount of web space with the basic service. And if they offer web space, likely they offer simple site building software as well - or at least a link to such software. Something like this http://www.toast.net/members/WebPages/
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