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Okay... this is probaly the most strangest question you will ever see... but if you
vigorously shake your camera, will it get damaged? :sad:

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You'll probably break its neck and cause severe brain damage!
Seriously, why would you want to shake it? If it is a small compact, you might damage the battery compartment and possibly the lens. If it is a DSLR with a heavy lens mounted, you could cause serious damage to the lens mounting ring and the lens, itself. In any case, you could damage the autofocus and zoom mechanism.

Bottom line...Not a recommended practice.
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If not, then try a sledgehammer. A carefully aimed, good strong blow should do the trick.:lol:

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

I'm sure that cameras are designed to withstand some amount of vibration, but how much will depend on a given model (and I don't think manufacturers publish this type of information).

Also, keep in mind that you do have some moving components (for example, the lens). So, if there were enough vibration, you could damage the lens, or the alignment of the individual lens elements inside of it. There is usually some small amount of play in many lenses, so enough vibration/shock to the mechanismcould potentially do some damage.

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I don't know about the camera getting damaged but the person vigorously shaking my camera would get damaged

Sorry, I also could not resist

Lets just say I don't want to find out.
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I've seen this question asked before and nobodyhasgivenvery helpful responses. If you put you camera in a fanny pack and jog it's going to get shaken. If you keep a camera with you when you mountain bike it's going to get shaken. If you pad your pack for the cameras sake it will still get shaken. Now will your camera get damaged? I have a heavily padded pack and keep my camera in it and a saddle bag when riding(horseback). After 6 mos. so far so good. Anybody out there mountain bike or jog with a camera? Your experiences please.


I would never recommend what I doforanyone else, but we don't live static lives, and people who are active use digital. Again Your experiences please.
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