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Default Shopping for a new camera... Need a lil bit of advice here

Hi all,
(sorry for english, I'm french-canadian)

I'm shopping for a new camera and I want it to be an improvement over the olympus c-4000.

I'm sticking with olympus because I know they make excellent digital cameras and I like the interface they use... Two of my friends got different models (older but still) and I liked them very much.

Anyways, I'm looking at the olympus c-5000 and the olympus c-750.

The c-5000 is cheaper, surely because it doesn't have the 10x optical zoom. I'm not a person according too much importance to the zoom because you know, i'm just an amateur and I won't use a tripod.

I know that the c-5000 is an improvement over the c-4000 (obviously) but I need to know if it takes better images than the c-750. I don't care about the zoom, I won't need 10x you know...
This is where I'm hesitating

Also, one may recommend me to go with the c-5050... But note that I just want to take pictures the amateur way... pictures of friends, partys, family, on my trips... etc... I do not feel like I need the extras of the 5050 such as the moveable lcd screen, the video sound, and etc... Besides, the 5050 is very expensive... Something like 200-300$ more.

I've read on other threads that c-5000 has slow lens... What exactly does that do ? Should I care if i'm only a beginner/amateur ?

thanks for your advice, it's greatly appreciated !

Merci beaucoup !

edit :
another question... while I was shopping on the net for the c-5000, I found out that most retailers are selling the c-4000 like 20-50$ more than the c-5000... Does someone have a clue about this ?!?
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