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Originally Posted by lg
Originally Posted by jsmeeker
A 2 MP camera will probably yield dissapointing results when making an 8x10 print...
Oh, I don't know about that; my 2MP Olympus C-2100 takes great pictures, even when blown up to 8x10. I'd recommend you take a couple of sample pictures from Steve's samples, blow them up to 8x10 for the cameras you are considering, and make your own decision. Quality is in the eye of the beholder!
Yeah... I thought it was in this post that I mentioned quality is very, very subjective, and that many will say 2.0 MP camera will yield great 8x10s. But it must have been in another thread about 2.0 MP images.
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I print 8x10s on generic (NCR) glossy photo quality paper using a $69 HP842C printer at it's PhotoRet setting from a Fuji Finepix 2800 2MP camera (full frame) and am very satisfied with the results. I place them in brass frames among pictures taken with Canon 35mm cameras (we own 5 different models), and no one can tell them apart. I can tell if I scrutinize them with a small magnifier, but not sitting on a shelf. Color, contrast and sharpness are all OK.
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Whatever you purchase today is already obsolute. If you wait for the latest and greatest to turn up it just might be your toes. The day to commit to a given piece of equipment you will have buyers remorse the next day anyway. Decide today what you can afford and jump in.
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Old Feb 14, 2003, 1:19 PM   #14
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Budget is our biggest restraint to buying the camera we want. I would love to have a great dslr with lots of lens, filters, etc, but I also like to eat.

Ron is correct that now be the time to jump in, but do not always think you will have buyers remorse. I purchased my C4040 and I knew that the C5050 would be released within 90 days. It was the upcoming release of the the C5050 that drove the prices down on the C4040 that moved it into my budget. It is a great camera and I do not have any remorse that I purchased it.
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That's exactly what I'm thinking. I would like to see the A40 in a 3mp res. However, I can buy it now at Best Buy for $225 + tax, afer a 10% discount. Do I wait and pass up a good price now (although you can buy an A40 on the internet for about the same price; at least with Best Buy, adjustments after the sale are easier).

At this point I haven't found any info on new Canon cameras. The A40 is out a year now and prob due for replacement soon. But how much will the next model cost? And, when?

For my purposes, a $225 dc gives me a certain comfort level. As today's cameras become obsolete, the value of them will drop. In 3 years I won't feel good about having a $225 doorstop on my hands but, it beats having a 4 or 5 hundred $ doorstop.

From the reviews, user forums, and sample pix, that I've read, the A40 seems to be just as good, if not better, as some of the 3mp cameras I've researched in comparison.

For most 5x7 printing, 2 mp should be just fine. How many 8x10 prints have you bought in the past 2 years? Besides, from what I read and hear, people are getting good 8 x 10 results from 2 mp dcs.

Regardless of your choice, buyer's remorse and coveting the next better, lower priced gizmo is part of the game. Whether you bought last year, this year, or next year, you'll always be thinking, "I shoulda waited." Good luck with whichever way you decide.
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Wow, I've got to agree with Steve. The PMA is now and announcements about new cameras and technology will be released in a couple days.

Unless you are desperate for a camera today, wait and see what's on the table (hint - reviewers like Steve are privy to information under non-disclosure agreement which is not yet public).

If Steve's recommendation isn't a huge "HINT" then you need a cold glass of water in the face to wake you up :-)

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I would at lease look at 3MP or higher instead of 2. Not for the 8X10 prints but when cropping. Like most, I print 4X6 and 5X7 prints but I like to crop and get closeups for printing. Higher resolution will help keep your cropped pics looking good.
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The PMA is now and announcements about new cameras and technology will be released in a couple days.
I would bet a large sum of money that canon will have an a40ish camera with 3 megapixels. This is because logically, canon knows that 2mp is on its way out and if they learned anything from their pro90 experience, it is that you could offer the best camera ever and unless it has a lot of megapixels for low prices, no one will buy it. Thus logically, they will replace the a40 with an inexpensive 3mp camera. I'm just hoping that fuji replaces the s602 with a model with more megapixels so i can get a s602 for cheap.
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Hi all...

Has anybody actually held and tried a working, preproductional model of an "Olydak" or 4:3 camera?

If so, can you post some pics?

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