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thanks for your answers, guys.


Yep I know that I have to buy some equipement.
In my last post I meant $1000 for the cam itself and the lense which comes with the kit.
I thougt about the additional CF card, bag, lenses and so on.
I guess I'll get a dslr kit like the one of the drebel which is offered at the moment plus some memory, bag and batteries.
Additional lenses and stuff like this will come afterwards.

And as I mentioned in the previous posts, I'll wait to save some more money with my job this summer until I get the dslr system, what should answer your question, gibsonpd3620, whether I can wait or not. So the answer is: Definitly YES.

But if the rumors become true that canon will get a new cam on the market, somethin in between the 300d and 10D for only ~$600, I'd porbably be fine with spending $1000 for the complete set.

I think there will be some new and cheaper dslr cams this year, so let's wait and see what the new price for such a system will be this summer.
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Old Jan 12, 2004, 12:45 PM   #12
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Hey, this is a good thread.
I'm in the same position as you Kex but not sure if I'm ready to take the step up to a DSLR just yet.
I want more from a camera than my Canon A70 currently gives me. But I need to be certain about my photographic abilities before opting for the DSLR route.
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Kex: I doubt the rumour that Canon will release a camera between 300D and 10D next summer at any price. The difference between the two is marginal. If they release a mid model, they will serious increase market confussion and secondly that new model should have more features than 300D. As far as my commercial understanding goes if such happens it will never be next summer for 60% price of 300D.

If you wait long enough Canon will release a follow up of 300D and 10D, which could well be cheaper than their current models. Is it worth while to wait maybe two years to save up? Your descission if you need a dslr now (less noise, interchangeable lenses, more function controls, faster shutter response, faster boot time, better large print quality, better iso 400 and up, easy manual focus) Or do you want to stick around with point and shoot style, in such case why do you want to upgrade your A60?
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I thought about that, too.
I also guess it's just a rumor.
But I think the prices will go down, at least a little bit.
However, I'll save for a dSLR and I'll see what this year will bring up concerning new dslr models and so on.

The reason why I want to replace my A60 is, that I want to do more than point-and-shoot and I'd like to have some more features, changeable lenses and higher resolution for bigger prints.
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