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Old Jun 15, 2004, 4:14 PM   #1
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I think I will choose between the Minolta Dimage S414, the Canon PowerShot A80, and the Olympus C-5000. I have listed these in order of expense, in terms of the cost for the camera and the additional memory, batteries, or charger (as needed).

The Minolta Dimage seems like a good camera in this class, but maybe not quite as good in terms of some of the available features. I like it alot though and it would be the cheapest.

The A80 has that nifty swivel LCD, an AF assist lamp, and is good on redeye, but has no external flash, no TIFF or RAW formats, a small viewfinder, some purple fringing, and some so-called "blown highlights". I have to admit that the one feature that is pulling me most toward this camera is the swivel LCD. Is this silly?

The Olympus also seems like a good camera, but with xD memory cards can be more expensive than the other two choices, in the end. In addition, it has redeye problems (I know I could get an external flash, but I won't be doing that right away), no AF illuminator, and it seems like it has slow shot performance.

The problem is that I can't decide between the Canon Powershot A80, and the Olympus C-5000. I know there are pros and cons to each, but I think that overall they are quite comparable. So, I find myself being really pulled by the swivel LCD. Would this single feature tip the balance in favour of the A80 for anyone else? Is there perhaps something more important that I'm not considering?

Thank you very, very much for your help.
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Old Jun 15, 2004, 4:43 PM   #2
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When I owned the Nikon 5700 swivel display I really enjoyed it. I still think the most important factor is how the camera meets you photo shooting styles. BTW, I switched to a DSLR and have only the LCD panel for viewing but the DSLR meets my photo shooting needs.
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Old Jun 15, 2004, 4:44 PM   #3
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I don't find it silly at all. After evaluating everything I have never ended up with a camera with the feature, but I've used cameras with it and really like having a swivel LCD. You can get great candid shots if you aren't standing behind the camera aiming it at someone. You can shoot from over your head or near the ground to get different angles or see over or under stuff. Some shots are nice at waist level and it is a lot easier than holding the camera out in front of you trying to see a fixed LCD shooting from waist level.

I don't think TIFF is a practical format for most digital cameras. The Oly will buffer 4 TIFF shots which is very good, but then you have to wait for 94 seconds for the buffer to clear. The 414 doesn't have that kind of buffer and I would think there would be a long wait for each TIFF shot. Raw is great but not an option in that level of camera. I don't think you can really tell the difference between shots with a true SHQ JPG and TIFF. The A80 doesn't have a true SHQ. File sizes are about 2.7Mb with a 4Mp camera and SHQ. But the best compression isn't bad. The Oly has high JPG compression and the Minolta about the same as the medium compression of the A80.
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Old Jun 15, 2004, 6:58 PM   #4
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Although the people who have already replied to my post may never look at it again, I would like to thank them for informative answers that addressed my question. There was not a trace of sarcasm in the responses and I really appreciated that. The answers were to the point and have helped.

Thank you!
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