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Default Should you match the compact flash card to the camera?

I am purchasing a Nikon Coolpix 5000, and want to get additional memory.
The camera uses compact flash, but with with all the different brands and types available, (high speed, error free, etc..) I'm a little confused. I don't think I want a microdrive; I hear they are a little fragile.

Is there a particular brand that works best with Nikon, or should I just go for the best value?

Is error free a significant consideration?

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I reckon it's all marketing BS, get the cheapest you can find with a brand name.

You're right about MDs, what's the point when you can buy two CF cards instead and cheaper.
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I reckon it's all marketing BS, get the cheapest you can find with a brand name.
It's not all BS. For example, Nikon did a firmware upgrade to the D100 and added support for the Write Accelerated (WA) technology in the high end Lexar cards. I believe it did speed up the WA cards for that camera.

But in general I believe that thing like WA don't make a difference in most consumer cameras. And the manufacturers don't normally put the fast CF subsystems in their cameras (unless we're talking pro grade cameras) so as long as you get something faster than about... 8x or 12x, I doubt there is much difference after that.

I don't know a web page that demonstrates these claim, but it's the general feel I get from reading these forums.

To me, what matters more is things like how long the warranty is or how good their service is. Lexar and SanDisk have lifetime warranty on their Pro line of cards. But I also know that in 5 years, the size of CF cards will be so large that I'll laugh at the 512MB cards that are so big now.
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