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I've narrowed it down to the Olympus C-5000 and the C-750UZ and now I'm stymied. I just don't know what to do...

I can get the C-5000 for $500 CAD and the C-750 for $700 CAD. I like the idea of the 10x optical zoom on the C-750UZ, but I could do without it. Still, I'm not sure I should buy the C-5000. Can anyone offer me something to tip the balance?

For me the big plusses for the C-750UZ are the standard remote control, rechargeable non-proprietary batteries and the seemingly excellent image quality. The points against the C-5000 are optional remote control, proprietary batteries, below average shooting performance leading to missing spontaneous events, horizontal banding on blue sky, and red-eye problems. Are these image problems serious enough to make it worth buying a camera that costs $100 (C-765UZ)or $200 (C-750UZ) more? The C-5000 is still rated as a Steve's Best Buy, but truthfully, I'm not sure why if it has these problems.

If I give up on the non-proprietary batteries and the remote control, then perhaps the C-765UZ might be a good compromise because I can get it for $600 CAD. Does anyone know why it is cheaper than the C-750 (remote control?)? How much would you care about the batteries and remote control?

What's a girl to do?

Thank you so much for your help!
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You have to decide what you want to shoot...that will make your decision for you. Both cameras (like most in this price point) have shutter lag which might miss spontaneous events (the fastest cameras are dSLRs).

For both cameras on your list you can get optional lenses which extend the abilities like tele, wide-angle, and macro converters from companies like Raynox:

I admit I was never a fan of the C-5000, it just looks too cheap. I've been using the C-700 for almost two years and I'm still happy with it, although I'm now contemplating a dSLR.

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Thank you for the information.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I suppose that at this point I want to keep all my options open and I want to be able to shoot just about anything and that's why I can't decide. :?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Another issue is the 5 megapixels vs. 4 megapixels. I've been told that it is important to consider that my computer may not be able to handle heavy editing of high resolution photos. Other people, however, seem to be of the "bigger is better" mentality. I assume that unless I really need to crop something substantially and then want to blow that cropped photo up that I should be fine with a 4 megapixel. What do you think?

Thank you once again.
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I like the C750 over the C5000 because of the following reasons:

1. 10X optical zoom

2. Power solutions

3. The 4mp will provide excellent prints up 8.5X10
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