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I recently asked what the shutter lag time was on the Konica Minolta Z3. No one knows this at the moment. Does any one Know what the shutter lag time would be for the Dimage Z2. I'm thinking the Z3 should be the same or better. Any ideas?:idea:
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Rob, all you need to do, is read the reviews here at this site.

Steve discusses things like startup time, autofocus lag, shutter lag, viewfinder useability, cycle times, etc. in each model's review Conclusion section. Here's what he said about autofocus/shutter lag for the Z2:

"Shutter lag, the delay between depressing the shutter and capturing the image, was an impressive 1/10 second when pre-focused, and 4/10 second including autofocus time"


BTW, these numbers are not "cast in stone"... For example, in lower light, a camera may take longer to focus -- ditto for longer focal lengths (more zoom used). The amount of contrast in a subject will also impact autofocus speed and reliability.

So, use the results you see in camera reviews as a guideline only, representative of typical performance, to help compare one model to another. Depending on shooting conditions, lighting and subject type,your "mileage may vary". :-)

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