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Default Shutter Lag time

I am frustrated by what I call Shutter lag. That is, the lag time between pressing the shutter on a digital camera and the time the picture is recorded.

Where can I get information on which cameras have low "Shutter Lag".

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Try searching this forum, there have been posts on this topic. Suggestions are: Half press the shutter button to get cam auto balance and focus work done. Don't record uncompressed or the highest quality lowest compression - unless you need it. Use high capacity re-chargeable cam batts when using flash. Use fast flash media. Look at cams that offer fastest .AVI video ([email protected] or higher!). They can be expected to process faster.

Lag is open to interpretation. If you mean 'how soon can I take the next pic?' that might be different from 'when can I preview the pic I've just shot?' I believe the fastest cams are still dslr's - lots of $$$ though!
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Almost all new cameras have shutter lag time that can be resolved by pressing the shutter button half way. The purpose of shutting the button half way is to let the camera complete its autofocus. Normally a beep or light will let you know the camera is then ready to press the shutter all the way. Olympus cameras all have this mode of operation. You can also eliminate shutter lag time by going into manual mode.
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voxmagna and gibsonpd3620 are correct. The shutter lag is only applicable to the 1st shot when the camera has to autofocus and measure/set the exposure after the initial 1st detent of the shutter release, the 2nd detent is usually quicker (ie push it in all the way).

On some cameras like the D7's if you don't release the shutter button all the way past the 1st detent after the initial shot. The exposure value is locked as well as the focus including any Direct Manual Focus overide and any subsequent shots are very fast (ie the camera doesn't have to refocus or compute the exposure), and is only limited by how fast you can press the shutter release. This is not the same as changing the camera drive mode to continuous...

Usually putting the camera in manual, and manual AF like previously recommended will really alleviate the shutter lag problem.
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The reviews at imaging-resource.com and dpreview.com include timings for shutter lag.
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