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Default silly newbie question

Hello all,

I currently own a Pentax A3000 SLR. Although I am very happy with it, I am thinking of taking the plunge and buying a DSLR.

I have acquired several Pentax lenses over the years, and am wondering if they would be compatible with a Pentax DSLR body. I am thinking if so, I will probably buy another Pentax, as it would be nice to continue getting use out of my investment. A local store is clearing out the KM right now fairly cheap ( I think it was just replaced by the KX?).

If these lenses would not be of use, I guess I am open to anything, and my next stop is the " What camera should I buy" forum....

Any answers or past experience with lens issues such as this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Max
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Yes, your older film lenses will work on a Pentax dSLR. There are some things you should know, however.
  1. Pentax dSLRs have image sensors that are about 2/3 the size of a 35mm film exposure, so the same lens will have a narrower angle of view. As an example, a 50mm lens on a dSLR will have the same angle of view as a 75mm lens on a film SLR. So, if you like long lenses, all your lenses just got 50% longer, but if you like wide lenses you might have to shop for something new anyway.
  2. Digital image sensors are more reflective than film, so light will sometimes reflect off the image sensor toward the lens, and then reflect off the rear len element back at the image sensor. This produces a kind of flare that newer digital lenses have coatings to prevent, but that your lenses don't.
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Yes, pentax has maintained backward compatibility with all their lenses, even the M42 screw mount, with an adapter. TCav pretty much covered the coating issue.

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Awesome, thank you both for your replies.

We will definitely lean towards Pentax then.

Thanks again, Max
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