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milleniumdesigns Aug 9, 2003 10:33 AM

simply put!
can i take pro looking photos using a FUJIFILM 3800 3.2 MP camera?

sjms Aug 9, 2003 12:22 PM

yes. it is 85% photographer 15% camera.

now as an addendum to that. how big do you want to make the images? there will be limits to that.

if we are talking the difference in the camera capabilities there are more the subtle control differences between a Dslr and a Digicam type camera. both will produce a excellent quality image when used in the parameters of there design. the versatility and overall creative capability control goes to the Dslr though. but then it goes back to the ability of the photographers ability to use that power to create the image he/she wishes.

selvin Aug 9, 2003 2:21 PM

I concur with sjms.
I've seen some pictures taken with a Brownie Box camera that would stand up against anything produced today with all of our fancy equipment.

Another way of saying it is that it is easier to produce quality shots with better equipment, but no guarantee that what is produced will always be good quality.

Get the best equipment you can within your budget and then have some fun. Don't keep dreaming about what you could have had.

Mike_PEAT Aug 9, 2003 2:23 PM

What's your definition of "pro"? If you're talking about someone with a $30,000 camera, $5000 in studio lighting, no.

Boo Aug 10, 2003 5:40 AM

Whilst expensive gear increases your potential for great shots enormously, it doesn't ensure them if the person behind the finger on the shutter is incapable of ood work and doesn't have the eye or skill. My husband's ex-boss was one of these that liked to gloat that he had the latest gear and always got the most expensive of everything in order to out-do everyone else. But he was simply a lousy photographer.

By way of an example, I do a lot of live music photography and covered a music festival a few weeks ago and was rubbing shoulders with pros from newspapers, TV stations and freelancers - the value of the gear in the pit would have come to a great deal of money. Yet I haven't seen a single photo published from that day that I wished I'd taken.

This photo was published by an important organisation with huge resources and staff photographers - theirs had a DSLR that day, the one below it is mine, taken with a Fuji S602, I was stood next to the photographer of the top shot, it wasn't taken from distance:

Ditto this pair, the top one was as published by a national music publication, mine below was taken of a different band later the same day with my 602. Only this photographer and me took stage photos on the day, he had a camera bag the size of a small car and a DSLR with a whopping lens on.

I think the price and spec of your camera is only part of it.

MrPogo Aug 10, 2003 6:54 AM

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I'd just like to say to Boo that your "shooting gigs with a 602" guide came in pretty useful for me recently. It helped me get some great shots at several shows. ;)
And even deviating from that a bit, I've found that as a "random person" shooting shows (as opposed to working for some publication or other) it's a lot easier to get photopasses in America than it is here in the UK.
Usually my requests get completely ignored, but when I went to LA for three weeks recently I ended up shooting shows almost every night, and for pretty major bands, as out their the publicists response was usually along the lines of "Sure! And we're having a party after the show at suchandsuch club. I'll put you on the guestlist for both."

davebaird Aug 10, 2003 7:20 AM

i shoot alot of gigs etc

i've never had a problem getting passes etc

most recent one, a band funeral for a friend...they was a photographer from a fanzine who couldnt get his pass..where as there was me who was just doing it independantly just walked in and my name was there.


Boo Aug 10, 2003 9:49 AM


I'd just like to say to Boo that your "shooting gigs with a 602" guide came in pretty useful for me recently. It helped me get some great shots at several shows.
Thank you kindly. I put the page together as I got so many e-mails asking what settings I used etc, that I thought it would be easier on me to just write it all down in more detail than I can manage in an e-mail and then people would either find it themselves if they visit the site or I could direct enquirers to it. I'm glad you found it useful - it's from a pretty personal perspective and fairly specific to the 602, but many of the basic principles are the same for other cameras.

I've never had a problem getting photo accreditation as I'm nearly always there at the request of the band anyway and I work for one of the bands I photograph most and I'm getting known enough in the industry and through the record label, that usually dropping an e-mail to one of the people I work for/with is enough to secure whatever I need - it's usually just a case of asking nicely. It's up to me to conduct myself appropriately and for me, that's as important as my ability with a camera. I have particular trust with some bands and that's because of how I work, I'm very sensitive to their feelings and I find patience and a slightly less 'in-yer-face' aproach pays greater dividends long run. Taking a gentle approach initially often leads to an invite next time.

milleniumdesigns Aug 10, 2003 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Mike_PEAT
What's your definition of "pro"? If you're talking about someone with a $30,000 camera, $5000 in studio lighting, no.

i ask this because i called the director of some pro photographers group here, and when i told him what camara i have, he told me well you wasted your money, that got me so angry that i stoped by his studio, he dint know who i was and i asked him to coment on a photo i showed him, i asked if that photo was worth of a pro and if he can charge me the same price the guy did ill contract him for my wedding, lol the guy looked at the picture and say, ermm well i can try, i make no warranty, than i showed him my little waste of money(fuji 3800) he was wordless, lol then i asked were can i find a really pro organization? lol

i shoot a weeding with the camara and the only problem i found was that i need flash slaves :( saving $$ for that

SSD Aug 10, 2003 1:35 PM

I am not trying to hijack this thread either, but I have to know how you guys get a pass to shoot pics of bands, every time I have tried has been very unsuccessful :(

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