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Default Singing Christmas Tree question

My church is having their annual Singing Christmas Tree this year. It's where they set up "bleachers" and they are decorated with fake tree limbs (not sure what they're called LOL), bows, and lights. It's indoors and the lights will be turned off. Since I just got my first DSLR, I am learning all of the camera terminology and settings. I really have no idea if I can even take pictures because there will be other photographers there.

If I can, any helpful tips/advice? I could really use it. I have an Olympus E-600 with a 14-42mm and 40-150mm. It has an on-board flash and I have an old external one from a film camera.

What WB setting should I use? Should I use the external flash? Thanks so much
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Indoors, with lights off, you will definitely need flash, and it is unlikely that the on-board flash will be powerful enough. You should first check in the Flash and Lighting forum on the thread regarding trigger voltage limits, to see if you can safely use your flash with your camera. If that checks out OK, your WB setting should be set to 'flash' or daylight (though sometimes using the 'cloudy' setting with external flash can give a bit more pleasing tone)
Try some practice shots. Is your flash going to give enough light at a wide enough angle for what you are doing at the distance you will be shooting from? If you will be reasonable close, the 14-42mm would likely be the lens you need. If farther away, the 40-150.
How well will your camera be able to focus in the lighting conditions? Again, practice shots will save a lot of grief.
Good luck, and remember to have fun.


edit: I meant the Flash (external forum) regarding trigger voltage. If the flash was meant to be used with your film camera's auto exposure system, it may not work consistently with your digital (assuming they are the same brand) An auto thyristor type flash could probably be used, but you will need to learn how to use it with manual settings on your camera.

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