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gregg Aug 13, 2005 11:20 PM

there is such a range of prices for some of the models I've looked at that I'm scared to give my credit card to one of these lower priced dealers

I'm waiting for these low priced dealers to's gray market, or it's back ordered, or they will only sell it to you only if you buy accessories with it....

I'm on a very very tight budget (ok I'm poor)....but have been leaning toward an olympus c-8080 (but might have to settle for the c-5060)....can't find any other camera that works in lowAND bright light AND has a wireless remote AND a hot shoe other than the canon rebel and the dimage A200 (although I hear it's low light ability is suspect)...I was thinking of the nikon 8800 but I hear that' it's so so in low light and maybe out of my price range

I've seen the c-8080 as low as $399 (gray market?) and as high as $699...that's a heck of a range and the 8800 as low as $499 (gray market again?)

I'm spoiled by the wireless remotewith my olympus c-3040. I couldn't wait for the canon S2...then the IDIOTS at canon took away the wireless remote from the previous S1....



(I know I've heard good things about B&H and Abes of Maine.....but there are so many out there)

lucky2505 Aug 14, 2005 1:36 AM

In my opinion, the C-7070 is a better deal than the C-5060 or C-8080. Although it doesn't come with a remote, it can use either the RM-1 or RM-2; and the reputable B&H has it for $380.

lucky2505 Aug 14, 2005 1:54 AM

I just checked Abe's has the C-7070 for $340. Am I missing something? The C-7070 looks to be THE deal in digital cameras to me.

granthagen Aug 14, 2005 2:30 AM

gregg wrote:

"there is such a range of prices for some of the models I've looked at that I'm scared to give my credit card to one of these lower priced dealers"
(I know I've heard good things about B&H and Abes of Maine.....but there are so many out there)

Tell me about it!
When I see what is advertised as the same camera on seven different sites ranging in price from $900.00-$350.00, I get sweaty palms too.
When I bought my last camera, I shied away from a few sites that had prices that seemed too good to be true.
If you Google the camera that you're interested in, there are usually a couple of "price comparison" sites right at the top of the list that give you ten or so sites offering the camera. In the sections given to each vendor there are links that you can click to get vendor ratings from other people who have dealt with them. I can't say how accurate they are, but more than one review for each of these super-cheap sites complained that the company tried to sell them grossly over-priced accessories with the camera and cancelled the orders when the customer wouldn't bite. Review links are provided for all the vendors, not just the cheap ones.
I've also heard that some of these cheap places don't provide stuff like the battery charger, battery and other things that are supposed to ship with the camera from the factory.
Also, some cameras can be models meant for overseas markets and reimported with no U.S. warranty.
Places like Abe's and B&H don't have the lowest prices out there, but they have impecible reputations, sell exactly what they advertise and take care of the customer if any problems arise.
I took a bit of a chance and have two refurbished cameras now. They both seem to work fine. I only got a 90 day warranty. One site did offer to sell an extended warranty, but they usually aren't worth the money. The service that I got was less than I could have expected from, say, B&H, but I couldn't afford a B&H price. When it's a choice between paying less from a less-than-four-star dealer or not buying a camera, I'll take the second-rate dealer -- but not the third rate dealers offering ridiculously low prices.
Did I spend $50.00 more than I had to for my last camera? Would it have worked out just fine? I'll never know.

gregg Aug 14, 2005 11:08 AM

thanks for your thoughts

drj99 Aug 15, 2005 2:02 AM

Can I just buy a RM-1 or RM-2 and it will automatically work?

gregg Aug 15, 2005 5:20 PM

I thought about the 7070too until OLympus pulled the same thing canon getting rid of the wireless remote as they updated the models.....the 5060 has it but nonefor the 7070 (at least from what I have read)

and in canon's case, I called them and the S2 does not have sensor built into it for the remote

also I have heard grumblings that the 7070 is poor in low light (does someone know otherwise?)...the same reason I ruled out the dimage A200 along with indoor focusing problems(that WAS at the top of my list for features)

while both the 5060 and the 8080 are excellent for features and all types of situations...

I'm just too spoiled by the feature laden c-3040 that I picked up in dec of 2001 for half off at retail only (demo model) for 399!

I figured more cameras would offer the remote by now and be as good in low light as that was the first consumer model to offer a 1.8 lens....only three complaints with it when I bought it...I only shoot at 100iso...anything above that was horrid, i could never tell if the focus was right using the manual focus and that enlarged pixelated view in the LCD, and flesh tones in auto white balance especially indoors came out too pink for my taste sometimes (but I could live with that)...thanks for your idea though

the more I think about it...I'm watching the older rebel drop in price...may consider a refurbished one...but who knows....

gregg Aug 15, 2005 5:40 PM

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a wireless remote only works for a camera that has the sensor built into it and for that remote (like your tv remote)

Olympusc-3040,4040,5000,5050,5060,8080 all use either the rm1 or rm2...don't know it they are interchangeable....the rm2 only snaps the shutter while the other works the zoom too...if they work on the same frequency you might be able to snap the shutter with either remote...but that's it

sony, fuji, kodakand not offer wireless remotes (to the best of my knowledge)

canon......the pro1, G5, G6 and the digital rebel offer a wireless remote...some as an option only

nikon's 8800 and the minolta A200 does include a wireless remote

I believe that a remote is available for the Nikon D-50

to my knowledge...that's it in the under 1000 dollar camera world..can't speak for expensive D-SLRs


ps...remotes are generally not available in your local retail store....I got mine on ebay after I bought my 3040...about $ can almost always buy one directly from the manufacturer

gregg Aug 15, 2005 5:46 PM

I just noticed your posting....

do you know for sure that the rm1 will work onthe 7070?


steve Aug 15, 2005 6:10 PM

gregg wrote:

I just noticed your posting....

do you know for sure that the rm1 will work onthe 7070?


See the bottom of pg 3 of my review, the answer is yes.

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