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Default Size matters

I'm posting here because it's visited more often than the foto sections.

Too many pictures are being posted with large files sizes.

The picture should ideally be re-sized to 800x600 and compressed to about 100kb.

I don't bother looking at some of these pics as they take too long to down-load on my 56K modem - I doubt I'm the only one.

When posting pics please, please please consider us poor buggers with 56k so we too can enjoy your pictures.

Sorry to be a moaning old git.
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Having once had 56K diallup, I sympathise with you. But isn't there something you can change in your Browser setup to leave links as placeholders, or view as plain text??

Sometimes I think it's nice etiquette when posting replies with quotes, to strip out links from previous posters.

If you look at dpreview, that board is far worse, as your reply is automatically appended to all the previous posts. It's left to the last poster to strip off stuff. At least, I think that's what you're supposed to do.
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It's not only good netiquite for the benefit of dialup users, but also for the servers and those with ISP caps now...and you can't ask dialup users to turn off the pictures totally just because of a few on one site.

BTW, I spit at DPReview...for more reasons then were mentioned here.
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