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Default Size really does matter....

Well after a motorcycle wreck and a longer than expexted rehab, I am finally able to get into the store to buy my camera. Some of you might remember I was trying to decide between the c-4000 and c-5050 right before my crash landing.

I had way too much time to evaluate the pluses and minuses of every freaking camera on the planet. One good thing that came out of the whole mess was I came to a reality...for me size was an issue. I had never really thought too much about having to carry a camera everplace I went - stupid I know.

Having realized this, my focus changed drastically. Now cameras like the a70 and d560 looked like a better deal. And that is the problem. Having over-analyzed every detail, I have worked myself into a corner.

The canon has every feature I think I will need but I am not thrilled with the pictures. Some have called them soft, others blury. I couldn't tell you either way but the pics on Steve's site seem to be washed out - like there was a haze at the marina that day.

The 560 has great pictures but the movie mode isn't near as nice as the 560 and from what I have seen, the night shots are worse also. Seeing is how I will be doing both, would you folks trade funky pictures for better movies and night shots or is there a best alternative? The Nikon 3100 reviews haven't been great so I don't see that as being any better. The stylus is similar to the 560 so that camera wouldn't fair any better.

Any ideas? My 70yr old mother is having heart surgery and I am flying out to see her. I want to take a camera and I want one that takes great pictures but that is convienient enought to carry around so that I don't mind having it with me all of the time so I don't miss anything while I am there -

Thanks to those that offer a bit of advice and to those that would but got too darn bored reading this entire thing.

Steve in Houston.
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Well, I can't comment on the cameras you list, but I can make a few comments:

No matter how good the camera is, if you don't carry it you won't use it. And not having the camera with you is the best way to miss a good picture. So if it has to be small for you to take it around with you, then take that aspect seriously.

If you really want good movies, then consider a movie camera. I believe that isn't the case, but think about it. A video camera will take good videos, and still camera will make good stills. Usually the CCD needed for one is not going to be particularly good for the other (you want higher resolution for a still, but it would have to be flexable enough to take lower resolution pictures for movies.)

Just food for thought.
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Yeah i couldn't agree more. I bought the Fuji 3800 and it takes great shots and is great to use but it's square size (smallish but very square) and lack of optical viewfinder mean i don't take it out for social shots.

it's a REALLLY tough call because i do need a camera that holds filters because of the glare in Australia so what to do???

I have decided that when the pentax 450 comes out i will grab that. Doesn't hold lenses but it's a much better size and importantly, FITS IN THE MISSUS HAND BAG.

Sounds stupid but unless you're a "REAL" photographer then a regular camera is better than a bigger one.
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I'd check out the a70 again, though some people don't like it, I have heard some people with the camera rave about on this forum. I think the screen name of this person was gimli, but he said out of hundreds of shots taken with his a70, only a handful were soft or out of focus.
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I'm a total newbie here.. so forgive me for any silly questions. Are there any features lacking on these small cameras because of the sieze? Like optical zoom etc?
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Originally Posted by madman
I'm a total newbie here.. so forgive me for any silly questions. Are there any features lacking on these small cameras because of the sieze? Like optical zoom etc?
Well, there are markets for smaller cameras with less features because people want them, and there's markets for dSLRs with all the bells and whistles because other people want them.

Some smaller cameras don't have the room for optical zoom, or some small ones may compromise with only 2x optical zoom or less. The Olympus C-7x0 cameras (700/720/730/740/750) have a 10x zoom (the 720 8x) but look how much larger the camera is compared to pocket cameras.

You'll have to look at each camera and see what features they have.
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