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I have a Sony DSC-5828 and I am having problems with slow shutter high f-stop photographs. Basically I am after light movement such as a cars headlights or funfare etc. But when I set the highest f-stop (F8 )i still get too much ambient light. Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome this problem?

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A darker road? ;-)

I'd make sure your ISO speed is set to it's lowest value if you're getting too much light at the desired shutter speeds.

Most of the time when you see someone posting photos of headlight trails, the settings used allow for very little ambient light. So, it can take more than one car going past before the light trail is well exposed.

A Neutral Density filter can reduce light so that a slower shutter speed can be used for any given aperture and ISO speed. But, the intensity of all light would also be lowered.

BTW, your Sony DSC-F828 is not a DSLR (Digital SLR). Sometimes the marketing folks like to call cameras in it's market niche "DSLR Like". So, it's a common misconception.

Sony will be releasing DSLR models this summer though (that can use Minolta's Maxxum/Dynax Lenses). Sony does not have any current DSLR models. But, they intend to capture at least 25% of the DSLR market with models they will be introducing. Keep an eye out for press releases about them this summer.

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Had the same problem trying to show motion blur of a train with my A1, couldnt do it in daylight. If I'd had a neutral density filter all would have been well. Photoshop cant do everything afterall.
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Thanks for that guys. adjusting the ISO gave me the result that i was after

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