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Default SLR newbie; N80 or Elan 7e

I've been wanting to get a film SLR for a while and I can't choose between getting the N80 or Elan 7e. They're in the price range I would like to stay in and are both recommended by many people. The N80 seems to be better (according to reviews) with low light focusing. However, I like that the Canon has seven focusing points for a more "fine tuned" result. The eye control is a neat featture as well but it wouldn't be a decision maker, for me.

I like to take pictures of people (not portriat, but maybe someday), architecture , and landscapes. I would like to start taking night-time pictures of cities. I'm fairly new to photography in general and I'm not yet devoted much money to any one brand. The 4500 is the only camera I own right now. I started my new hobby with a digital camera but I do feel I should learn the ropes with film.

Any pros and cons I should know about with either of these cameras? I realize lenes play a huge roll is the quality of pictures and Canon seems to have the edge on that, as far as selection goes. Also, these cameras have been out for a couple of years now. Has anyone heard of replacements for either of these comming up in the near future? I'm not bothered by purchasing a camera that isn't a new release, but I'd hate to pick one just to find out a new version is comming out soon.

I appolgize if this is a bit long. I have so much to learn and I really want to get started!

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sounds like you don't have any lenses yet....both are capable cameras...if money is a prob...go with the cheaper one....

and remember, you can always get a scanner later....then you have film and digital!
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Give Mike's column a read:


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Thanks Mrdinh and Steve!

Mike's article was a very nice read! I really like his writing style. In fact I read a few of his articles tonight. Thanks again guys! The start off my SLR adventure looks like it will be with a N80 and a 50mm 1.8D lens. The prime lens will be something different for me, being from point-and-shoot cameras, but it will be fun...IMO.

Thanks again guys!

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