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Yeah! I think I came into the search thinking there was already one out there! I guess the not! too bad.

So, after the mambo jumbo,. that I DID understand.. what is the verdict? do you guys suggest that I should start out with something more economical that suits both my needs now? or dive right in with the big boys and learn the tricks of the trade quick?

I was previously looking at the Sanyo HD1A and the Sony H5 or R1... the Canon SRSI or whatever too.

WHich do you recommend if you dont recomend I begin with the SLR? The R1 looks awesome but it doesnt have a video mode!! DANG IT! ugh.

I sort of wanted a camera that has about 10MP or so with a nice zoom.. the H5 has it inbetween.. 7MP and a 12X zoom. It takes video too.. which is good.

What do you suggest for a beginer like Me? SLR or not?

thanks guys! keep on replying!
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Kohkane wrote:
is there and SLR that has video mode? I want a camera that can take short films! I want to be able to change my lens too!! the best of both worlds sort to speak. does one exisit? is there one coming out soon??? any news??

If one Does NOT exisit whats the next best thing? is it the Sony Cybershot H5 or the Canon Powershot S3 IS?? can I do better than that??? Help me out!

If one did exist I wouldn't buy it. I say this from the perspective that I want quality video and stills andneither of them secondary to the other. I have a DSLR, a small pocket digicam with video capability and a Mini DV camcorder with still capability. They all serve a different purpose. Even if they made a DSLR with video capability, and I'm sure they can, it they would not be able to pack all of the features required for a camcorder and a DSLR into one convenient package. First off, the better professional or prosumer type camcorders have 3 CCDs and that would be tough to do physically and economically in a DSLR based on the current sensor format. Sure having a quick video feature is handy in a pinch, but the video quality of most digicams is pretty worthless compared to a real camcorder. Likewaise most camcorders take horrible stills, but there are a few out there that have 4 megapixel and above still capability. My camcorder can take 3.2 meagpixel stills and they actually are pretty decent, but you can see the difference when comparing to either of my digital cameras.

Honestly, if I was going to buy one unit that could do it all, I would buy a camcorder that could take decent stills. You will lose the flexibility of being able to change lenses, but some camcorders will allow you to add tele or wide angle converters that will give you some flexibility. Most of the camcorders I am referring to have already decent zoom ratio, but adding the converters can boost you capability at either end.

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So your saying, go for the Sanyo HD1A? that has good video and a 5megapixel camera mode.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Is this better than going for the Sony H5? or the canon i mentioned above?? does anyone else have an opinon to share?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"thanks.. bros, keep them coming. I like listening to your reasons. Enlighten me and share what you think.. Camera with video or Video with Camera? :?
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