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I have had my Sony DSC-P72 for just under a year and today after having a few days off i decided to go around the garden taking pictures.

After getting a load of good shots I decided to take a few pics of the sky and to my dissapointment all of them had this weird little black dot/smudge like artifact on them, especially when zoomed right in (with digital zoom) just off centre. (see image)

This only appears on the LCD i.e. is not a dead pixel on the LCD, but it grows when u zoom in and out etc.

I tried cleaning the lens with a spectacle cleaning cloth and it made it look a little weird i.e. like i was cleaning it with washing up liquid, but managed to make it clean looking again with another cloth but still the little smudge like thing remained on my pics after taking a few more shots.

Can anyone tell me what this is? Is it dust that won't come off and if so what should I do? I'm worried I've ruined my lens forever by attempting to clean it and now there is this smudge when I take pictures of the sky, it's invisible on all other shots though.

Any suggestions, this is my first camera and have took great care of it

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Somehow you have got dust on the sensor at the back of the inside of the camera,the lens is fine. This is like having dust on a negative when put in an enlarger.It is not uncommon with SLR digital cameras with interchangeable lenses, as the camera is opened frequently allowing dust in. But with your camera, it is a little more rare. It only shows up with small apertures and is easily removed post processing with decent software. I would suggest taking it to your nearest dealer to have it cleaned. The lens is clean and this smudge will only show up on bright backlit pictures.

Hope this helps...
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I would agree with freefly.

As a separate comment, most cleaners for eye glasses are not good for cleaning lenses. Maybe the lenses on "cheaper" (I'm talking under $1,000) cameras don't have the fancy coatings that the more expensive lenses have. But those coatings don't react well to many of the chemicals in glasses cleaners.

The usual thing people use are either blowers (not compressed air canisters, just little rubber balls that blow air when squeezed) or micro-fiber cloths that don't leave lint. You can use things like tissues and things... I don't believe they will hurt the lens (like the cleaners can) but they can leave lint behind. The microfiber cloth does not.

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