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I just acquired a Sony A200 and plan on getting one additional lens. I am looking at the Crumpler 5 Million dollar bag but I am open to any suggestions.
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My advice is to vist a camera store with a large selction of bag styles. Ergonomics is very important in bags. I have 3 completely different carrying options - backpack, courier (sling) style and a belt system all for different needs. The first thing you need to decide is what stylel of bag you want. The best way to do that is to physically handle the bags and see how they fit with your body and your style . Think about how long you'll be carrying the gear. Is it for hikes or just to carry your gear from your house to someone elses and to store your gear in at home.

Shoulder bags can store a lot of gear but aren't designed for carrying it for long periods.

Backpacks store a lot of gear and ARE designed for carrying it for longer distances - and attaching tripods as well. But they're not accessible

Sling style are a hybrid between the two - designed for better accessibility but also better ergonomics for carrying long periods.

Belt mounted cases are designed for quick access but you can't carry much.

Belt systems are designed for modularity (think bat man utility belt) - not many people use them - typically sports and event photographers that use multiple lenses/bodies and want quick access to them but still having freedom of movement.

Once you know for sure the style of bag you want, you have to decide how much you want to plan for the future. Are you sure you're not going to have an additional lens or 2 or 3 in a year or two? It's always less expensive to buy a bigger bag at the start with room to grow.

Given those pieces of information it's easier for people to make recommendations. But my needs are likely different than yours so my lowepro backpack or kata belt system may be poor choices for you even though they're great for me.

So, are you sure the Crumpler is the style bag you want?
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There aren't a lot of local stores with large selections, thus I am relagated to relying on internet shopping.
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It really depends on what lenses and gear you want to fit in the bag. As noted by the previous poster, you really can't judge until you hold the bag in your hands and see what it offers in terms of space, comfort and practicality. In fact, you don't really "know" a bag until you've carried it around all day! :roll:

You do want a bag big enough to carry your main lens mounted on the camera.

Crumpler bags are fine. For the size and weight of your camera, this 5 million dollar model might be a good choice.

WxDxH 26x14x20 cm

Domke's J-3 is their smaller bag with two sidepockets for a fair sized zoom and a full sized flash. It's a very sturdy bag, not as "soft" as the Crumpler, but with excellent padding. Still, the J-3 may be too big for what you want. They make a "postal carrier" pad that attaches with velcro to the strap for more comfortable carrying. One color: black.

WxDxH 23x18x23 cm internal main compartment 33x25x25 external

I have a large "Petrol" backpack that never gets used, unless I'm just hauling gear that will be transferred to a smaller bag like the J-3 when I arrive. Backpacks just don't "work" for me. What it does do well is hold a laptop computer AND the photo gear.

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I use the Lowepro NOVA AW3 camera bag for my Sony A200. I am carrying 3 extra batteries, memory card case, extra lens, body with lens attached, extra filter and lens cleeaning kit.

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I just picked up a Lowepro Sling style bag and I love it! Easy access and they have multiple sizes to choose from depending on how much equipment you want to carry.
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