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Just today I was told by a sales person that the Smartmedia format was discontinued! No longer made, gone. He was saying that Fuji, since the introduction of the xD card, has been able to stop production of Smartmedia cards.

I find this beyond difficult to believe, especially with all the third party vendors out there and folks who still have Smartmedia cards. I stated such and the salesperson remained adamant that it was true. Basically calling me stupid.

So, can anyone shed some light on this? I'd almost like to go back with information in hand to cram down his throat.

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He's probably right. It's extremely unlikely that anyone is actually manufacturing SmartMedia anymore.

The last camera made that could use it was the Olympus C-5050z (which also supported xD-Picture Card and CompactFlash). This model was introduced in fall 2002 (about 2 years ago). They probably included SmartMedia so that users that already owned some had an upgrade path for it. No model made since then has used it.

It's considered a "dead end" memory format (since it's limited to 128mb). That's one reason why no camera being made today uses it anymore.

Now, it will probably still be available for a while (because it's already in the distribution system). But, I would be VERY surprised if anyone was actually still manufacturing it. Why would they if there is no market for it?

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Fuji and Olympus, and I guess to some extent Sandisk, collaborated to create the xD format that would replace smartmedia. Smartmedia reached its maximum storage capacity of 128MB a few years ago, and since, Fuji and Olympus had been pushing xD with their new cameras. In the begining both companies created cameras that would use both smartmedia and xD, but slowly smartmedia was phased out of newer cameras, and nowadays there aren't any more smartmedia cameras being produced. Some vendors still make smartmedia, but it's an ever diminishing market now.
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Well, yes Smartmedia has been replaced by xD by Fuji and Olympus. Have Smartmedia cards stopped being made, probably. Would I trust the word of a salesperson, no. Would I let the word of a salesperson who thinks they are the president of Fuji insult me, no...the customer is always right!
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HAHA.. well, can't argue the points. I stand corrected.

Great information all, thanks so much.
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