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Default So Many Choices, Too Little Time!

I am needing to buy a better digital camera. I have researched digital cameras for several weeks now and I can't see straight! I am looking for a camera that can take photos of the exterior and interior of homes for websites and for brochures. I also would like a good camera that takes photos of family events as well as for vacation photos(a zoom would be nice). I also would like a camera that I could use for underwater photography as well(but this is not a make or break option for buying). I have narrowed it down to the Canon line of cameras. They seem to have the best image quality as well as many manual options for creativity for the price. I am having a hard time deciding between the S45 or S50 or G2 or G3. The S45 or S50 would be better because they are more portable but the G2 and G3 have an option of changing lenses and more options for creativity.
Any suggestions would really help me make a decision. Also if you think there is a better camera out there for my specific use then please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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Make sure the camera you get has a focus assist light if you're doing a lot of interiors (also for the underwater...digitals without have some trouble focusing in those situations). If underwater is a big deal to you, take a look around to make sure there is an underwater case for the camera you choose.

You got to look at what you want in a camera...are you a basic point&shooter, or have you been using a manual SLR and want full control over shutter speed, f-stop, etc. How much zoom do you want? If you're doing interiors, you may want as much wide angle as possible, unless you can't distort the image as to what the buyer's eye would see, then you'd want a camera you can set to 50mm (35mm camera focal length equivalent) since that's what the eye is.
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Just a note about the underwater use.

It is possible to buy a housing for a camera which will allow its use underwater. I believe there are generic ones which allow you to choose almost any camera. I would, of course, look around first to make sure this is true. I know they make such things for using on a boat, but since they are designed to float that won't help you.
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Default Re: So Many Choices, Too Little Time!

Originally Posted by nanllyn
.. and interior of homes for websites and for brochures ...
Look for a camer with the widest possble lens - 28mm (equiv) seems to be as wide as any seem to go. Or look for add-on wide angle adapters. Since you are not looking for very high resolution (assuming low res brochures), the add-on is probably the best way since you can get wider than 28 mm (equiv) that way. You will also want to be able to use an external flash unit as well to be able to balance the indoor/outdoor light levels.
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