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Default So, what's the best anyway?

Hi all! I'm planning to buy a "credit-card size" digital camera and just don't know what to do. I've seen plenty of sample fotos and reviews on Pentax Optio S4 and Casio EX-Z4. It's a good cameras anyway, but what i should prefer? ANYONE, SOMEBODY HEEELP! =)
P.S. I am from Russia, as simple as possible pls - don't speak english well.
P.P.S. Pls, don't point me to reviews, I've seen too much of 'em and tired of foolish reading! :roll:
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Steve suspects that both are made by Casio. However, the firmware is different (features differ between the models).

I like the time lapse feature in the Pentax, better than some of the unique features in the Casio. However, some make like the Casio features better. It's too bad, that they couldn't have the best of both models in the same camera.

You may want to read the reviews of the cameras here. Steve goes into detail on what features each model has.

Edit -- sorry about that -- I pointed you to the reviews. But, they are good for comparing features (like the time lapse feature in the Pentax, versus all of the scene modes in the Casio.

After all, except for the internal software and features, they are really the same camera (same manufacturer, lens, etc.)
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The Casio is a little larger but has a great 2 inch LCD. Even though the resolution isnít higher it would be better for accessing the menu and reviewing photos.

Since neither camera has a manual exposure mode having the panorama assist on the S4 would be a deciding point for me. It complicates the stitching if the camera meters the shots independently. I also prefer the infinitely adjustable white balance and 5 point settings for sharpness, contrast etc. Manual focus is handy for micro shots or poor light. The S4 seems to have been designed more as a second camera for a more experienced photographer than the Casio.

They both use the same Pentax lens. I would go to the Pentax forum here and at dpreview and ask. There are quite a few people there with S4s and there are a few threads comparing the S4 and Z4. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1028
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I think from what you said, you would find the Casio a much better choice out of the two. The large LCD might be very handyu in your case.
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