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Default some ideas for a photoshoot


I want to make some photo shoots with the wife, but i really have no ideas.
We made a couple of calendars (themed and nude) and that was it.

It can be nude, fashion, etc.. Thought of moods or colors and perhaps they gonna happen, but would like to hear some more ideas

Thank you
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How about different activities she likes to do? Jogging, biking, hiking, aerobics, etc.

It depends on her. If it's about something she isn't interested in, then you may have a tough time making it not look contrived.
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she does not like to be a model
whatever the idea she will do it though to help me get better at the portrait part

no problem there, i accept any ideas and then discuss them with her

those are good ideas we are gonna talk about

a few months ago we made 3 sessions for a tryptic using different clothing styles (casual, evening, sport)

all ideas are welcome
nude, fashion, portrait...
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Old Nov 26, 2016, 2:49 PM   #4
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I have had a similar situation with my wife through the years.
I have had my wife pose many times for what I'd call a photography exercise. I would learn a new lighting technique or see a image I really like and want to duplicate it. I would ask her to model for me to see if I could get results similar to what I learned or have seen. Thankfully she was a real good sport about it about 1/2 the time and would help. Other times not, and if your not careful it could lead you into a very unpleasant situation.

We did this more frequently when I was beginning (and she was younger) but now, not so much.

If your wife does not like to model for you now it will get tougher with time. Especially with nude shoots. If there are kids or grandkids in your family that may someday see these photo's her reluctancy will grow. Most women think about these things and it will influence their participation with these photoshoots for good reason if you think about it.

Have a definite plan before you approach her to model. The more thorough the plan the better. Have a location, wardrobe idea, and know the type of the poses your looking for and keep it as short as possible. If you drag out the shoot she will remember this and be less willing in the future. Discuss the plan with her in detail and be open to her ideas even if they differ from yours. Compromise. Believe me, her mood during the shoot will be noticeable in the images. This can ruin the shoot. Always better to be happy!

I have usually let her have the final decision with the wardrobe, I with the location and type of lighting.

Some examples of themes are;

Her wearing his button down shirt (only)
At unique outdoor locations such as ruins, sea cliffs, nude beach, open fields, desert, mountians or any travel location.
Any new clothing items she has bought including shoes and boots.
Anytime after getting her hair done.
Bodyscape B&W.
Washing car.
Anytime you get new gear in combination with any of the above.

The sky's the limit, creative thinking, good communication and mostly trust will take you far.

Password protect the nude images and back up all of them.

Good luck and most of all make it fun.
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Old Nov 27, 2016, 6:19 AM   #5
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thank you for your post. very constructive and helpful
we are on our 30's, no kids involved. she's just not into being a model because she's not that confident.

i've passed for the problems you mentioned, like mood, not having prepared well...

the problem is that we used all the places and outfits we have over and over again.
if we get some new dress from ebay we go to the same locations and do it.
if we discover a new abandoned house we do all the poses we've done a million times

we've done thousands of nudes on abandoned places and ruins, some more thousands of fashion on parks, street, home, etc...
bottoms only, tops only, full nude, park bench, peer posing, kids playground, themed sessions, with flowers on spring, beach, ruins, sport, nightwear, train tracks... we've done a lot (not necessarily good results :lol: )

can't keep buying clothes or i will have to buy some more closets, neither drive 300km to shoot the same poses just on a new tree or wall, that's why i opened this thread.. to hear some more ideas for themed shoots

the only thing we haven't done from your list is washing car, and will be difficult to do in a city.
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Old Dec 8, 2016, 5:43 PM   #6
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so.. what you think about this?
any ideas to replace some of them?
should go and try those anyway?
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I'm partial to car photo shoots. As far as nude shots, they going on a photo website like flickr and see what they show.
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