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One_Eye_Ed Jun 14, 2003 4:05 PM

SONY DSC-D770 or DSC-F505(v) or Olympus C2500L
Hello....My title lists 3 cameras. If anyone would care to make a few (pro/con) comments of each of these as to their choice of ( which camera) that they would take...Please write it here. THANKS

I would like to decide that if I was to be able to choose anyone of to which would you fellow posters ; prefer to own and why...Also which one if any to not want at all and why?

SONY DSC-D770 or DSC-F505(v) or Olympus C2500L which ; do you own ; would like to own...hate to own and why to your choices.

I wished to " have the best overall " ; useable camera ; for a VERY WIDE variety of shots...(of course don't we all) :)

I sort of would like a camera with :

LONGEST possible Optical Zoom. (How can the Sony DSC-F505(v) with a 5x optical lens ..then has 2x digitial=10x (I thought digital zoom stinks..)) And degrades the quality?? But it seems to be a " big selling point ".

Decent image quality megapixels...sometimes most are in agreeing that 2.1-3.5 megapixels ( adequate for most pics)...

SPEED..Take fast moving targets ( soccer games (nephew and neices) ; bicycle ; skateboarding stunts..(yeah the nephew) :shock:

STILL Life's (Macro Important) Landscapes (Panorama) Think only Olympus for that???

I want the ability to have have a decent flash (and the " external " hotshoe on the C2500L seems the way to handle that..) (ability to use BOTH SmartMedia and CompactFlash) ; The SONY DSC-FD505(v) has a sync external...

WOW! :o DO they even make a camera with all these features ( without costing a huge fortune)??
How about the Olympus C700 (10x) optical...nice zoom..

Let the postings begin...Thanks Ed~

Mike_PEAT Jun 14, 2003 7:33 PM

Ignore digital's useless. It takes a portion of the CCD and enlarges it. It's only a big selling point to the photographically ignorant. That Oly C-700 you mention does have a 10x optical zoom but only has 2.7x digital which increases the 380mm optical tele to 1026mm. Personally, if you want a C-7x0 look at the new C-750 (out soon if it isn't already available in your area). It has a hotshoe, dual strap points, 4mp, and an ED lens which improves pictures over the previous C-7x0's.

The panoramic feature is a minor selling point...all it does is provide lines on the LCD at the left-right/top-botom as guidepoints, and you have to use THEIR software (comes with the camera) to stitch the picture together...also you have to use Olympus branded cards to enable this feature (or learn how to hack third-party cards, see Oly forum on how to do that). Many Oly users don't bother with the built-in panoramic mode...instead they lock the exposure settings, take a whole bunch of pictures at the same exposure, and then use third party stitching software (or stitch it together manually).

Most digital cameras AREN'T good for fast action pictures because there is usually some lag time between the time you press the shutter and the time after setting focus, exposure, white balance, and finally taking the picture. You can reduce this time by learning how to do most of this manually and prefocusing before taking the shot (half holding down the shutter button works on many digitals to focus, and then pressing down fully takes the picture).

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