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tundrawolf Dec 2, 2010 10:23 PM

Sony DSC-H1 Zoom and lens re assembly question

I bought a Sony DSC-H1 12X optical, 5.1MP camera that had a zoom problem. I fixed the zoom problem (Debris in the teeth of one of the gears), but after I put it back together it gives me the "Turn power off then on" after startup.

What I need is a diagram, or some advice on the right way to put it back together.

tundrawolf Dec 21, 2010 5:01 PM

Gentlemen, I had the lens assembly properly assembled. There was a rotary optical pulse generator inside the transmission that I had missed. Once I put it on the shaft it worked fine. It seemed as if it were a sensor issue. Now I have another problem.
There is a voice coil motor that operates a focusing lens similar to that of a CDrom.

I took it apart for cleaning and did not observe the polarity of the magnets in it.

The magnets each have a red stripe on one corner.

Can anyone help me with this??

Please see the pictures below:

The focusing assembly with magnet cover on:

The back of the assembly with two sensors of some kind:

Here is the assembly without the copper cover, showing the metal backing plates for the magnets:

Here is a picture of the red stripe. I apologize for the quality, this is the reason I need the DSC-H1!

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