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Default Sony DSC-P3 - eamil-size image?

I'm new to digicams. I've got the Sony Cybershot P3 - fantastic camera. I use it mainly for taking photos of the family and friends to email to family and friends.

The photos are all around 500kb - 800kb, and when I try to email them as attachments, they take ages to send, and of course I can only send a few photos with each message. Sometimes I'd like to be able to email half a dozen pictures or more to each person at a time.

Is there a way that I can convert the photos into a smaller, email-size image, once the photo has already been taken?

Miss Grunge.
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Make sure you keep the original file and make a COPY called 'something else'. Open THIS COPY picture in your viewer editor package, or the one wot came with your cam.

Look for an option called 're-sample' or 're-size' image. Choose something like 800x600 pixels or 640x480 pixels or lower. Save as a JPEG image, medium quality. You can experiment and aim to end up with a smaller file size of about 60-100 kilobytes. which is fine for 1 image on slow dialup connections.

You might ask, doesn't the option 'high compression' save and changing the pixels do the same thing? It depends, photo type files don't email fast, high compression makes it slower to open the pic at the other end if your friends have slower pc's and also the quality gets a lot worse. So stick to re-sampling the size where you can. Their monitors are probably set to 800x600 so the pictures you send won't be any sharper for the big files.

If you are sending pictures to somebody to print out, I'm afraid you will need the bigger files and it will take a long time to send. Don't forget, be kind to your friends - it can take a lot longer to download several big images as you have found, and they won't thank you for gluing up their email boxes! It's probably better to attach 1 pic to the first message saying more to follow, then max about 3 or 4 to each subsequent message. This helps for some email accounts which set a max size of file that can be attached and downloaded at the other end.
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Default email mode

Hi !

You should take your shots at 640x480 resolution(low quality). The photos will be all
around 50kb. I have a P31 and It's has a email mode.

I use IrfanView (It's freeware tool) for resample and resize my photos. You can get it...

I hope this help.

Regards from Brazil

Vander Jardim Avelar
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Uploading pictures is a balance between quality and speed...reducing the size of the picture is a way to get speed but you loose quality because if you try to print that out to an 8x10 (or even 4x6) it will look lousy. Of course if they like one of the small ones you can then send them a larger one via email which they can print.

If it's pictures that I know they would like to print, I'd burn it to a CDR to send to them...that way they have the speed in their own computer, and they also have the quality.
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