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Default Sony DSC P7....NEED HELP

I just bought a P7 a few weeks ago...I am attending a concert tomorrow night.

I need help in setting up the settings for CONCERT mode. It is a club show. For ex: flash settings, size & shutter since there will be fast moving scenes.

Any info appreciated....

Happy New Years

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I believe that your question is a difficult one technically and “artistically” .
I do some shootings at concerts (as amateur of course) under different lightings (every place have its own lighting characteristics , to add on to the difficulty …) I try to enumerate some of my learning :

1) On board flash is useless, unless you are quite close to the subject.

2) Not forget to force white balance to daylight to preserve the color “as seen”

3) TTL mode flash often give you unpredictable (out of
taste) pics , often bright subject and dim to dark background depending on many things ( the flash coverage power, dark/far background …)

4) Manual mode flash take too much calculations and thinking that I give up because you don’t have time to think that much in a concert shooting.

5) IMO, best mode is auto-aperture ( you set the aperture of camera and the flash is on auto-aperture mode to match the camera)

5a) The camera is in manual mode, the shutter speed will dictate most of the background contribution , usually, I can handheld at 1/30 at 200mm zoom ( not recommended at all by the book) , you set quicker (1/60, 1/125) it there is more movement in the background. The main subject won’t suffer much blur because (if it is the case) it is lightened by the flash which is very brief in duration.
Also , choosing a too fast speed ( 250) weaken the “natural lightning” contribution ( color projector ..etc…) and make the pic less “attractive “ ( it will have kind of washed look from the strong contribution of the flash which wash out the colorfulness of the scene …)
Rule of thumb ( that’s my thumb ) : set at 125 and take some test pics with your … less favorite artist , correct as needed.

5b) The aperture setting of the camera must fall in the range of the flash available settings of course.
Rule of thumb : 4 on the camera, 4 on the flash and go with it to begin.
If you are very close to the subject , weaken the flash a notch ( flash set from 4 to 2.8 auto-aperture) so the subject won’t suffer of a harsh bust.

5c) In case of very low light, consider higher ISO setting . Normally , the dial on flash is mentioned for ISO100. If you set the camera to ISO200, weaken the flash a notch ( ie from 4 to 2.8 , or 5.6 to 4 , for instance) and you have more “power reserve” of the flash too.

6) I guess a tripod is out of question , most of the case . But if you have a monopod, it is really great , does not take room, does not bother anyone, quick set, quick moved away , and your arm won’t be tired ( tired arm=less steady shot)


I vaguely guess that my contribution is to complicated for you, but anyway , I did try
Have a Happy New Year!
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