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Default Sony DSC-S85 has interior Corrosion damage, Repair or Replac

Just got my Sony DSC-S85 back from an extended warranty claim, and
they wont repair it due to interior corrosion. They sent me a picture
to show the damage.

So the situation is this...

Repair the Sony...The entire circuit board would need to be repalced
inside, the picture shows significant damage on about 1/5 of the

Get a new camera... I think what did this camera in was using it in
an underwater housing, a couple of times it fogged up in the housing,
i can assume that moisture was what got the ball rolling earlier this

If I buy a new one, I will probably go with a Sony DSC-p8, because I
have tons of memory sticks, and they make a custom designed underwater
camera just for that camera. I think the one for the Sony was a
generic, and was not hard plastic but soft.

So curious on your opinions, not sure if anyone could ballpark what
fixing the camera would cost..I would guess at least $150.

A new P8 is about $400

thanks in advance

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If it were me, I'd go with a new camera. Since you already have a sizeable investment in memory sticks, staying with the same brand has merit. And I wouldn't bother with the extended warranty either -- you see how well you were covered. I never have liked extended warranties. Heard too many stories just like yours where they wouldn't cover the problem.
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